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Friday, March 13, 2009

Darkness Prevails


Darkness prevails! The biggest democratic party has started cracking down on judiciary and media. Though Billawal Bhutto or his rep claims that it has not happened on his father/Mr Pres/Zardari's directive yet I am unable to watch GEO News on my cable TV for last 12 hrs. What a shame!

ANP also lost sanity by imposing 144 in NWFP. Tsk! tsk! Champions of democracy have fallen back on their drawn swords hurting themselves.

Yesterday, I wrote about expected fallout from PPP after March 16, 2009; however it has happened much earlier than expected with Sherry Rehman's resignation from information minister post.

PPP Hijacked


Pakistan People's Party has been hijacked by people who do not even know its struggle, history, and the cause it stood for.

Fall out within PPP is an evidence of the chaos the country and its torch bearer of democracy are in right now. PPP is going to face a bigger challenge from with in after the long march on March 16th, 2009.

God may save this country.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eitzaz for PM


Earlier, I lost all hope for Pakistani elections after Benazir's death and did not want to write anything. Even the election results amazed me but I thought Musharraf still has an edge to manipulate as no one has a clear majority.

However, this article in LA Times talks about possibility of Aitzaz as a consensus primer. Yes! he deserves it. Though Zardari is deceased Bhutto's heir but I think it is time to show some democracy in the party as well otherwise Musharraf may get an edge in manipulating and pitching parties against each other. Even within PPP some may not agree on Zardari. On the other other PML(N) may not agree on Zardari as well.

There is a possibility that PML(N) may garner more support from some of PML(Q) reps and forgive them. In that case PML(N) may be able to have an edge. Let's see what happens. All sort of things are possible.

If Musharraf dissolves national assembly he will become unpopular with the rest of the world as well. Even army may not endorse his actions anymore as everyone would have realized the damage he has caused. This vote is the verdict. It is not that the elections are fare but the truth is that popular sentiment did not let them rig the elections. You can rig the elections where you are losing by few votes however massive victories by once opposition parties have indicated that there was no popular support for King's men.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What cure you have for average Pakistanis' pessimism?


It has been almost a month since Benazir's sudden and unexpected death. Pakistan's future looks gloomier to me. My brother, who has been a die hard PPP supporter since his child hood is visiting Pakistan recently during his vacations, says this country is not the same anymore.

Recently, the US policy makers have told the media that Pakistan does not need to be pressed to have independent judiciary. I would say thank you! after our leaders are assassinated we don't need justice system to be strengthened in Pakistan.

Alas! my pessimism suggests that in Pakistan we don't need liberals, we don't need democracy, we don't need justice, we just need to let it sink in a s*** hole.

Why someone would really care and make sustainable policies for rest of the world while they are making naive ones to get out of "sub prime" mess at home.

(May not be blogging for a while as I have more things going on in my own life as my job and research is taking more time than expected. Or may be it is just out of the pessimism that we bloggrs cannot make a difference in average Pakistanis' life as their fate is to suffer)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A day of mourning


Our hearts are crying and bleeding with the news of Benazir Bhutto's sudden death. I have lost words and to this moment cannot believe the news.

A martyr's daughter gave her life to become martyr. She lost everything and finally gave her life to prove that Mullah's Army has a clear nexus.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Return and departure from Blogging


I had been blogging off and on by fits and starts. Sometimes, I am in a job where I can't do it but whenever I am back to school I get my freedom. Even I have witnessed a few things very closely in past but I am not supposed to comment and never will.

I am going to hibernation again for a while as my research requires more time and is almost close to wrap up. I know I have lost my readers by doing this but I promise----I will be back soon but with a better blog and better material.

I am leaving you with my prediction that there is a lull before the storm in Pakistan. We are going to see major political crisis. The lawyer movement has got a booster shot because of 'rape of judicial courts by the master'. I will be back to blogging soon if circumstances permit to contribute my 2 cents for the virtual movement for justice and freedom in Pakistan.

Friday, November 16, 2007

It just takes a little time, Sometime!


It just takes a little time, sometime!...... and then suddenly you see a sweeping revolution. More and more people in lockups will soon have a snow ball effect....... and then their frustrated relatives will pour into streets.... protests may go violent..... Pakistanis are f***g unpredictable (one day, they let Imran Khan beaten up and go to jail; and next day same university students bring 2000 protesters in street in his favor .... heralding IJT to role their sleeping bags and get the hell out of there--seeing bad mood Jammat has started distancing from it's student leaders... so as not to loose their ground zero in Punjab University----f***g crazy). Keeping my fingers crossed to see when it happens. This is going to happen very soon if the emergency in Pakistan stays in place. And, if crowds role on to streets...... I believe Army will return to barracks for longtime. If that happens, then before everything gets back to normal, I bet the country will be destabilized for sometime..

You bet .... for long time

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Et tu Brutus


image courtesy http://www.jang.com.pk
As I said earlier, Imran Khan has been a born-again type and tried to get close to religious parties in order to tap on their vote bank and street power; however, he ran out of his luck .... (See BBC report)
The former cricketer was detained after going to Punjab University in Lahore. He was initially held for an hour by students from the Jamaat-e-Islami party after a confrontation on campus.
On Tuesday, Mr Khan said there should be no negotiations with General Musharraf.
In interviews for foreign media on Wednesday, General Musharraf insisted he was not a dictator and that he was the man to lead the country back to democracy.
"Jin Pay Tukiya Thaw, Wohee Puttay Howa Dayenay Lugay" (My Urdu editor is disabeled so please forgive me for writing in english alphabets, cannot translate it either. Actually, Et tu Brutus is a very right expression for this)

I liked him like any other youngster and thought he could bring a change as a moderate; however, when he got close to Mullahs... I said no way.

I participated in some development seminars due to my job in Pakistan last year, where he was also invited. Many times, I thought I should tell him he is making a mistake by entering into religious alliances--otherwise he could do well (based on my personal assessment)--but I could not do so, because my job required me to stay away from politics and political personalities. It is sad to hear the tall tale of his recent arrest. He really made a mistake by getting close to MMA and especially Qazi. I think, Jammat knows he is a potential threat to their domination on campuses and that could be the major reason JTI turned him in.

And Harvard Madel of Freedom goes to....


Originally uploaded by ijazphoto

Says the harvard press statement....

"As lawyers who value freedom and the rule of law, we at Harvard Law School want Chief Justice Chaudhry and all of the courageous lawyers in Pakistan to know that we stand with them in solidarity," said Kagan. "We are proud to be their colleagues in the cause of justice, and we will do all we can to press for the prompt restoration of constitutionalism and legality in Pakistan."

Freedom and justice will prevail in the end.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jemima Khan leads protest against martial law imposed in Pakistan


Is she coming back to Imran or for her kids sake she is showing solidarity to Pakistanis

Pakistan's new demographic dividend is the key to its future


The post on a new blog "emergency times" speaks for itself how Pakistan's new demographic dividend will change its future. I wish, I have time to write more on this dividend and how it will change our future but at the moment, I can only tell you that it overthrew Nicolae Ceauşescu regime in Romania in 1989. Read about these new student protests here in Washington post and excerpt from the new blog The Emergency Times about the shameful act of the Government of Pakistan arresting youth and children.
Yesterday, 12th November, the regime crossed a new threshold by shamelessly attacking, arresting and detaining schoolchildren in Islamabad. A group of students, most of them between 14 and 18 years of age, was silently walking towards Blue Area as a sign of protest when it was accosted by Islamabad Police.
. . . . . . the students obliged, showing that they did not want to confront the Police who were clearly just following orders from above. As they were walking back, the students were surrounded by more than 500 policemen –their ranks now
reinforced with Punjab Police and the commandos of the Anti-Terrorist Force –and were asked to disperse immediately. When some of the students pointed out that they were merely walking back to their starting point, as previously ordered, the Police turned violent. They started manhandling the children and pushing them into their trucks. 48 boys were physically assaulted and detained, amongst them a 12-year old boy. Even after they had turned themselves in with docility, many of them were beaten with sticks and severely bruised. They were detained in the Margalla Police Station for hours, and were prevented from meeting visitors or making calls. They were eventually released after they had given written assurances not to attend protests in the future."
I can imagine, to whom these kids belong in Islamabad; and some would have definitely rebelled against their parents to join protests. YooHoooooooooooo to Pakistan's new generation.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ali Cheema: Leading Pakistani Academic Economist's Arrest during protests


One of the leading Economists Ali Cheema a Cambridge graduate and critic of Musharraf's devolution policies has been arrested in the first wave of protests. Please pray for his health and run a movement: Free Ali Cheema on blogs.
His profile here

About his arrest, click on BBC news link, scroll down, and read the Anonymous account of protests.

Asma's moving article in Washington Post


Only problem I have with some human right activists in Pakistan is that they would smoke in a room full of people in a public place and not care about my human right to fresh and carcenogene free air other than that a really good article by Asma Jehangir in Washington Post. Musharraf is really afraid of her.

Since Saturday, police officers have barged into my house twice after receiving (false) warnings that I had escaped. On seeing me, they sheepishly admitted they were misled.
I have tried to make them understand the difference between people such as myself and terrorists. "If I did run away, how far would I go?" I asked them. "In any event, I am not likely to blow myself up around the corner." One police officer said that he agreed but that his job was at greater risk if I got away than if a terrorist escaped the law. Terrorists, he pointed out, outnumber rights activists in our country.
By the way, those who were doubting about BB's contact with Musharraf
should know she will care more for democracy in Pakistan than anything else.

The march, due to start on Tuesday, is part of her campaign against President Pervez Musharraf's emergency rule.
Commonwealth foreign ministers meeting in London gave Pakistan until 22 November to lift its emergency rule or face suspension from the body.
Other steps they want Mr Musharraf to take include:
1. stepping down as army chief
2. releasing all detained political party activists
3. lifting all media restrictions

Imran Khan behind student movement in Pak Universities claims an article in WP


Article in Washington post claims that Imran Khan is the new driving force behind anti Musharraf student protests in universities. Imran Khan is often influenced by the religious factions of the country and sounds more like a born again type. On the other hand secular organizations are joining Ms. Bhutto to organize protests.

But in computer labs and cafeterias on this campus and others across the country over the weekend, students were busy making placards reading "Democracy Now" and "Students Against Martial Law" as they prepared to demonstrate against emergency rule. Some said they would join former prime minister Benazir Bhutto's so-called long march, scheduled to begin Tuesday in Lahore and progress to Islamabad, the capital, 250 miles to the west, in defiance of President Pervez Musharraf's ban on protests.

One of the driving forces behind some of the student protests has been Imran Khan, a shaggy-haired cricket star turned opposition leader and an icon of cool among young people.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Time's up for the dictator


The Economist has to say "Time's up, Mr. Musharraf"

No longer the potential solution, the general has become a big part of Pakistan's problem
The LUMS students had a big protest on their campus; will be remembered in history. The professors are active too. See one in the picture explaining the movement to students. I have already said about this--here.

Is Musharraf-Bhutto conflict real?


South Asia Is Musharraf-Bhutto conflict all it seems?: "'Mock conflict' But is the falling-out quite what it seems? More cynical observers think Friday's dramas in
Islamabad and elsewhere are an exercise in mutual face-saving, a clandestine
understanding that is meant to benefit both."
    OK! I have been reading this for a while and also hearing from all quarters why the heck she has been talking to brass mafia.
  • First, By the way, all politicians in Pakistan do...
  • Second, There was intense pressure from outside world, which off course we did not like ... that they suggest her to compromise with Musharraf.
  • Three, whatever she bargained... she bargained for all political victims of Musharraf's Baton-cracy. Four, She knew all the way that Musharraf will never deliver. By engaging in dialogue it was the best way to show the Musharraf's Western well wishers that the brass headed guy cannot deliver and will never fulfil his promise. She wanted to convince the world that Musharraf will never deliver as he will eventually crackdown on moderates and rather cut a deal with Mullahs. This is what exactly happened.
By the way, don't ask me how do I know this; but I can assure you that this is the real reason and she knew it all along.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pakistan's Old and New political conscience


Students in elite schools and Lawyers are becoming Pakistan's new political conscience. History is repeating itself. Ayub went down after a massive student movement outbroke in Rawalpindi and swept his rule. Mr. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto (a.ka. Z. A. Bhutto and Jeeya Bhutto) managed to capitalise on this movement. The movement started by students of Rawalpindi Polytechnic Institute, located on a major national highway (Peshawar Road), is still remembered in books and stories from our elders. Everyone was so shocked, army and politicians alike, that college remained closed for long time and later it was handed over to army so that the future movements are nipped in the bid. Now, it has become Army Engineering College and I believe upgraded to a University controlled by the Pakistan army.

Recently, the lawyers have stood up against the assault on judiciary by the long boots. I witnessed the movement six months ago during my one year stay in Pakistan.

At the same time another movement was started by the students and professors of "The Lahore University of Management Sciences" (LUMS), especially in the law school. The creation of a law school at one of Pakistan's elite schools has brought a new feather in their cap--movement against the dictators tyrannical rule. They were holding protests when the General sacked Pakistan's top judge few months ago. As I write, they are back in this business again as Musharraf has imposed emergency in the name of so called fight against extremism. The professors in the law school are hired from top American Universities and a few foresee themselves as new Harvard or MIT gang (remember the student movement against Vietnam war in US) to start a student oriented socio-political movement against Pakistan's rotten politico-military culture. A well renowned and highly respected professor Dr. Ali Cheema (LUMS), critic of generals so called devolution has already been arrested on the first day of protests (I got this info from my family inPakistan). As I am writing this post, I expect more from LUMS students and Professors who wore black ribbons everyday, while top judge Justice Iftekhar Chaudhry was removed from his post earlier by the brass head and his yes man Shaukat Aziz. Read below a statment from a LUMS professor Rasul Bukhsh Rais ---what it means by the lawyer movement:

Lawyers: Pakistan political conscience - Yahoo! News: "They feel if Musharraf has his own way and is able to restructure the system according to his whims, that is the end of Pakistan as a progressive and moderate country and the state will never be able to rehabilitate itself,' said Rais, a professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences."

Next few days will show us-- what LUMS and Lawyer's movement have for us in store.

As the US and most of Western countries have put all their eggs in General's basket (only the Dutch have pulled the plug on aid to Pakistan), I should pay some respect to the General as well.
Our General Musharraf is a brave man and is among a breed of few who dug their own grave. I believe he is writing an obituary of his political career.

In Iqbal Haider's words "He is drowning, and he is trying to take Pakistan with him." Iqbal Haider is the Secretary General of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. That's a nice one, I really like that. Listening to Iqbal Haider on other occassions was really informative and fun. Read more here Musharraf's War on Moderates

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mushy: Handsome in Uniform by Maureen Dowd


Maureen Dowd is hilarious here (read a small snippet)

Condi was very worried about Mushy suspending the Constitution, but Vice says Constitutions are for sissies. He doesn’t see anything wrong with Mushy’s press blackout. He thinks we can learn a few lessons from him. Vice says if we had someone decisive like Mushy in Iraq instead of those floppy Iranian puppets we put in power, we’d be a lot better off.
All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: the United States will ignore your oppression and excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will not stand with you.
The leaders of governments with long habits of control need to know: To serve your people you must learn to mistrust them. Stop your journey of progress and justice, and America will not only walk at your side, we’ll give you billions of dollars and lots of big-ticket stuff, like F-16s — no strings attached. And we’ll take you at your word that you have no intention of using them against India.
In the long run, there is justice without freedom, and there can be human rights once the human rights activists have been thrown in the pokey.
Three years ago, I believed that the most important question history would ask us was: Did our generation advance the cause of freedom?
But now I am older and wiser. I know that the most important question history will ask us is: What’s a little martial law between friends?
You may also wanna read inside story of Pak Army's role in supporting extremism by Hanif here. Our Bibi's article is a little flat but in nutshell she says this:
It is dangerous to stand up to a military dictatorship, but more dangerous not to. The moment has come for the Western democracies to show us in their actions, and not just in their rhetoric, which side they are on.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top judge attacks Musharraf rule


BBC NEWS South Asia Top judge attacks Musharraf rule: "He said the constitution had been 'ripped to shreds' by Gen Musharraf and added it was now 'time for sacrifices'. "

Also read this by Chairperson of Human Rights

Thanks for Hassan's blog

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pakistan's Second Coup and Musharraf's Frank (Pakistan's Donnie Darko III)


In the movie 'Donnie Darko' a character 'Frank' tells 'Donnie' to commit certain acts of violence. In Pakistan's case, our 'Darko' is Musharraf and his 'Frank' is Mullahs. Read here on BBC some reactions by different leaders; the weakest one is by Maulana FazalUR Rehman head of MMA who rather tells us "he ran out of options." This guy has not even protested--unlike others. So Army and Mullahs have clear nexus.

Read the story by Rashid Ahmad Pakistan's Second Coup at Washington Post

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pakistan's Donnie Darko did it again (II)


The Army and Mullahs have a clear nexus in Pakistan. I would reiterate Ms. Bhutto's quote that I have already posted here:

I believe the problem is dictatorship, I don't believe the solution is dictatorship."

The extremists need a dictatorship, and dictatorship needs extremists."

I believe Ms. Bhutto is very right in her analysis. As soon as the emergency is imposed, surprisingly, the militants in the troubled Waziristan agency has set free 213 Pakistani soldiers on Sunday Nov4, 2007 who were kept hostage for almost two months by the militants of Baitullah Mehsud (since August 2007). It is possible that they are assured that a free and moderate government of Ms. Bhutto will not come into power as imposing the emergency in the country was the only way out for Musharraf to get out of his commitments with leading moderate political parties.

It should also be remembered that Musharraf himself warned Ms. Bhutto not to return to Pakistan. If Musharraf claims to be the only hope against rising extremism in Pakistan then he should have done every possible thing in his power to ensure Ms. Bhutto's safe return to Pakistan. The place (Karsaz) where attack on Ms. Bhutto's convey took place is very close to Pakistan army's Naval installations and is supposedly a high security area. The security should have been ultra high in that area so that no one takes advantage of the procession and harm government installations as well; however, a security lax and turning of street lights clearly indicate that some government or agency elements were involved in that carnage. If Ms. Bhutto had become a victim in Karachi carnage the emergency would have been imposed right away; however, God saved our Ms. little Brave Heart. Therefore, Musharraf found other excuses to impose emergency.

On the other hand one cannot ignore the role of Punjab's Chaudhries who are hoping to get the next premiership. An emergency in Pakistan will prolong their hold on to power as well. Their nexus with Mullahs is very strong and the following events clearly reveal that:
1. The crisis of Lal Masjid clearly indicates that the ruling party was involved in it up to their neck and their involvement in the North Western Frontier Province cannot be ruled out.
2. By inviting Shaikh of Kaaba to Pakistan for instance they have revealed their close ties to pro-extreme Islamic elements in Pakistan. The extreme Islamic elements have high reverence for the top Saudi cleric, while for the real moderates don't put that much faith in top clerics. It was a show of assurance to Islamists in Pakistan that Chaudhries and PML(Q) are the well wishers of Islam and Muslims in Pakistan.
3. It is very likely that freeing Pakistani soldiers by Mehsud in Wazirastan right after the imposition of emergency would have some involvement of the PML(Q) or the Chaudhries of Punjab.

......Only time will tell.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pakistan's Donnie Darko did it again (I)


In Pakistan, an emergency has been imposed. Had the democracy thrived we would have not seen this. Just wondering who is Musharraf's 'Frank'; A clue is in the Brave Heart Ms. Bhutto's words, which I would like to qoute here

I believe the problem is dictatorship, I don't believe the solution is
"The extremists need a dictatorship, and dictatorship needs

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Flirting with Mullahs


The Jamia Hafsa seminary which has been the centre of much recent controversy in Pakistan, is attached to Islamabad's famous Lal Masjid (red mosque) located near the city centre.

Throughout most of its existence, the mosque has long been favoured by the city elite, including prime ministers, army chiefs and presidents.

Pakistan's longest-ruling dictator, General Zia-ul-Haq, was said to be very close to the former head of the Lal Masjid, Maulana Abdullah, who was famous for his speeches on jihad (holy war).

Musharraf's flirt with Mullahs has gone too far. When he took power he was all powerful and could have shaped the future of this country. Alas! he decided to go for a weak democracy. It is something direct from his own cookbook, which had all the ingredients of a failure but no success. Now he is begging for votes on streets while Mullahs are in ambush to take over this country.

If the government have had taken a stern action against the children library situation in Islamabad the 'Talibanization' drive by Mullahs in Islamabad would have not happened. One of my friends who is a working woman and had been living alone in Islamabad mentioned several times to me that she feels uncomfortable going around late in the evening because she feels that Mullahs are every where. Then she always laughed it off herself and said may be she is getting paranoid, but after this hostage incident in Islamabad, I don't think she is paranoid.
When you hangout with the wrong crowd then you have to face the music (well, in this case chants and baton toting girls but no music) .

Monday, October 02, 2006

In the Line of fire


The blogs are still in the line of fire in Pakistan. ... I am not sure when the General will consider ceasefire against blogspot.

I can post but can't read blogspot, Sigh!

I am considering move to word press; after I am settled a bit in Pakistan.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Freedom which way now?


Trying to find different options to keep blogging. GoPak keeps trumpeting freedom of speech, which I don't witness here anymore. You can blog on http://www.blogger.com but you cannot see your own post because all domains ending with blogspot.com are blocked by the government of Pakistan. Seems like Google is not doing enough to win back GoPak. I am not sure why they don't care and pushing it with government. They must be losing lot of money from blog ads that many of us were subscribed to.

Freedom of speech is mere fiction in Paksitan. All so called "Live" programs are not really live when government is under pressure disclosed an insider on one of Pakistan's private TV channels as thier current affair programs are being censored at times.

Life in Pakistan is full of pseudo developments that give you a false picture that country is developing. Development and Economic Growth is incomplete without it's specific culture that you don't really see in Pakistan. Country lacks organizational and institutional discipline and you cannot realize real growth if you lag on this front badly.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gone with the East Wind


I will be gone with the East Wind tonight. Sitting at the ariport and contemplating about the hectic job I have waiting ahead. I am moving back to MaLand. As soon as I touch ground zero, I will be in a new job in Pakistan with a Multinational.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nip Tuck and Mullahs


Pakistan is a country that has many shocking surprises in store for the larger world that considers it a terrorist heaven. While the Mullahs are busy planning derailment of moderates and fighting jihad in North, the younger generation elsewhere is going through a ‘huge’ (pun intended) Nip Tuck sexual revolution -- bigger Bs (must be Ds), wasp waists and hot buns --- the Western catch-up effect.

According to British tabloid Independent’s Online Edition: [via]

"A growing number of well-educated, British-born Asian women in their 20s are combining annual visits to relatives in Pakistan with cut-price, nip-and-tuck operations. Hundreds of Pakistani Britons are booking cheap plastic surgery in their ancestral homeland, three times the number just four years ago. Nose jobs, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast enlargements are the favored treatments for many who feel 'pressure to have Western features' but who want to pay only a fraction of what they would be charged in Britain." The women are mostly middle-class professionals who take 10 days out of their time abroad to travel from the small villages where their extended families live to Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi where almost all the country's 70 registered plastic surgeons are based.”

I have not been in Pakistan for a long time but I can say that if the Briton Desi-es are coming down there to get cheap nip-tuck then the younger generation in the land of pure must be having a sexual revolution too.

How much Mullah’s are threatened by this revolution is still need to be seen (Emullah is not threatened by the way). Nevertheless, in past, big-chick from Poppywood, Mussarat Shaheen did threaten MMA’s leader by contesting national assembly elections (I just coined this new name ‘Poppywood’ for NWFP’s film industry --- can be considered ‘papi’ in urdu you know -- what I mean? Calling her chick would be an insult to Nip Tuck chicks though).

The next few things I want to hear from Pakistan are:
  • ABCD chicks are traveling to Pakistan to get Morning After Pill (lads are already getting cheap Viagra from homeland).
  • A Pakistani version of Nip Tuck on PTV2
  • A fatwa against Nip Tuck
  • . . .
  • ….. Have more for the list ……?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Let it Snow! Let it Snow .... its time to go


I woke up this morning and looked outside my window, there was almost an inch of snow. All melted by noon --- haaa!

Now it has started to snow again ... and quite a good deal of it... The most amazing thing is... it melts as soon as it hits the ground. Nothing there... pretty warm outside...you can even walk around in a t-shirt in snow fall.

Montana....! Amazing...!

But I will be leaving soon... in May for the Pakiland....got three offers ... fourth in pipeline...
1. Economist running aid operations
2. Think tank project director
3. Assist Prof Research at a University
4. Finance consultant with GOP (in bids, can move to # 2 or 3 if finalized)

Kind of having hard time to decide but did rank em according to my choice. I guess it's time to go cause Mom is heart patient and I want to spend time close to her.

Yo Biased!


Interesting research! I'm O.K., You're Biased:
"Researchers asked subjects to evaluate a student's intelligence by examining information about him one piece at a time. The information was quite damning, and subjects were told they could stop examining it as soon as they'd reached a firm conclusion. Results showed that when subjects liked the student they were evaluating, they turned over one card after another, searching for the one piece of information that might allow them to say something nice about him. But when they disliked the student, they turned over a few cards, shrugged and called it a day. "

I wish they told us more about other control variables e.g., The gender of students and the gender of subjects (interviewers). How the students were dressed, subject and students color, race, education level, ethnicity, etc.

On This Day


"Jennifer Garner turns 34 years old today. "

She looks more pretty now in this picture---aging gracefully !! and Ford introduced a new Mustang (1964 actually).

Other things happened on this day (see NY times):

  • 1492 Christopher Columbus signed a contract with a representative of Spain's King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, giving Columbus a commission to seek a westward ocean passage to Asia.
  • 1524 Giovanni da Verrazano reached present-day New York harbor.
  • 1790 American statesman Benjamin Franklin died in Philadelphia at age 84.
  • 1861 The Virginia State Convention voted to secede from the Union.
  • 1941 Yugoslavia surrendered to Germany in World War II.
  • 1951 Baseball hall-of-famer Mickey Mantle made his major league debut with the New York Yankees.
  • 1964 The Ford Motor Co. unveiled its new Mustang model.
  • 1969 A jury in Los Angeles convicted Sirhan Sirhan of assassinating Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.
  • 1969 Czechoslovak Communist Party chairman Alexander Dubcek was deposed.
  • 1970 The astronauts of Apollo 13 splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean, four days after a ruptured oxygen tank crippled their spacecraft.
  • 1975 Phnom Penh fell to Communist insurgents, ending Cambodia's five-year civil war.
  • 1991 The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 3,000 for the first time.
  • 1993 A federal jury in Los Angeles convicted two former police officers of violating the civil rights of beaten motorist Rodney King; two other officers were acquitted.
  • 1996 Lyle and Erik Menendez were spared the death penalty by a Los Angeles jury, which recommended they serve life in prison without parole for killing their wealthy parents.
  • 1998 Photographer Linda McCartney, wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney, died at age 56.
  • 2001 Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants hit his 500th career home run, becoming the 17th major leaguer to reach the mark.
  • 2004 Israel assassinated Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi with a missile strike on his car.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Life is one long road


(Emele! Thanks for inspiration*)

Life is one long road, and
I am standing on the red light
Looking through the windshield
Night is pouring around me
Dampness in air, inside driving cabin
Is drenching my soul

Falling rain drops
Are splitting into tiny splashes
Before they are swept
By droopy wiper blades
All bent to erase our memories, and
I am standing on the red light

In the downtown of my soul
Looking at dull brick houses
Smoked grey closed doors
And broken windows …
Staring at the long road, standing on red light
I am searching for answers

Changing colors on distant traffic lights
Are sending incandescent reflections
On gleaming asphalt road
Brimming with dancing rain drops
Creating broken rainbows, and
I am standing on the red light

Looking through the windshield
I am waiting for signal to change
Thinking, if all next will be green
On this life like long road
I will cruise through
All the way -- to you

*Saturday night we were cruising along Brodaway in Missoula, Montana and my friend Emele pointed out to traffic light reflections in rain, intriguing my creativity, asked me to write a poem on the effect. We drove around and sat at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and I started writing on a Napkin (wrote few verses) --built framework in mind--finally finished writing next day early morning.

Jill Carroll


Jill Carroll is finally home. Did not hear from other bloggers to have a blog day but good to know that she is fine and back home in US.


Friday, March 24, 2006

French Quarter III-Paris Burning again


The article published in Washington post aruges that:

"While the demonstrations have been orderly and peaceful, groups of 200 to 300 youths who police say do not appear to be participating in the organized marches have appeared suddenly during concluding rallies, taunting police and creating havoc.
Police have speculated that the gangs may be from the poor suburban areas that erupted in riots last fall. In those disturbances, youths across France -- many of them immigrants or French-born children of immigrants -- burned thousands of cars and hundreds of public buildings and private businesses to protest government indifference to the joblessness and lack of social services in their communities. Little of that violence spilled over into Paris or other urban centers."

It is possible that these are just the overzealeous jobless gangs however I will not rule out the possibility that some OBL's AQ cells are changing their strategy and trying to engage Europe in economic stability through violent protests. The immigrants probably know that how much effective these strategies are in derailing economic activity in their home countries.

I must say that French society and government must act with caution as they are already trying to recover from last years scars caused by riots. As a student of Economics I must say that the government should treat young and adult workers alike. Most of the Europe's job market problems are owed to strong labor unions. The inside workers always make it difficult for outside workers to enter into job market as they see it as a threat. I wish I had time to explain the economic theory of inside and outside workers and the interaction of European labor unions but I am sure you can find a lot on internet.
Related: French Qurater I; French Quarter II.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Islam a religion of peace and Muslims are follower of ......?


As I opened my email inbox today the Washington post headline in subject Negative Perception Of Islam Increasing caught my eyes. The views expressed in article are based on a survey conducted by Washington Post-ABC. To be succinct, Americans have unfavorable views of Islam, and a majority believes that Muslims are disproportionately prone to violence. I am not surprised at all. Many would blame it to media but the truth is "As you sow so shall you reap."

After 9/11 I felt an empty space in my heart for long--- it hurt me to think how everything changed-- so suddenly. The space even grew bigger when I saw Muslim opportunistic considering it a chance to teach non-Muslims about Islam. All the time they will make my ears sore and head spin by propounding an insane argument . . . see more and more people want to know about Islam and they are reading about it! . . . . .

Oh God! Their argument just made me sick. So sick! I wished I break my head rather than punching them in their nose. They were not realizing the fact that earlier--before 9/11-- people wanted to know about Islam as a religion of peace---Afterwards----they want to know about Islam to find out:
  • What has gone wrong with Muslims?
  • Why they are so violent?
  • Why they are intolerant?
  • Why they are so insolent?

How in the world you can teach someone peace by slapping in his/her face? And then tell them I love you dear---there is no compulsion in religion!

Muslims really need some soul searching here--period.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bush pats Musharraf for blocking my Blog


Disclaimer: this is not an actual picture. It is just a pinup/work of art for self expression and free speech.

"The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday directed the government to block internet sites displaying sacrilegious cartoons and called explanation from authorities concerned as to why these sites had not been blocked earlier." In order to comply with supreme court orders the GOPak has blocked all websites ending with www.--.blogspot.com. This action has resulted in blocking all weblogs and Mr. Bush, visiting Pakistan, has given a pat on Mr. Musharraf's back for blocking my Pakistani readers. Pakistani readers cannot read the blogs anymore but they are able to post web logs because the primary blogger address is not blocked. Thanks to those who started an internet-blog based cartoon war on Muslim sensibilities, believing that they can teach respect and freedom of speech to Muslim countires. Now we cannot teach them anything except how to close their doors.

Update: Joining hands to Condemn Censorship of Blogs in Pakistan (more here...)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two articles


Two articles that I consider must read for students of South Asian politics and economy.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Inner Soul Love


"One day You will take my heart completely and make it more fiery than a dragon. Your eyelashes will write on my heart the poem that could never come from the pen of a poet. "

Pakistani Weapons for Afghan Heroes


Recently, Kabul has objected to Pakistan's use of Afghan national heroic names for its military weapons. You really need a deep understanding of history to enjoy some humor here as well. Afghan Information Minister Makhdom Raheen has categorically requested Pakistan to use the names only for peaceful things like memorials, monuments, conference rooms and historical places.

If Afghans think that the names of Afghan warriors should be used for the purpose of peace alone then they really need to ask Hindu Historians and Raj dynasties who still lick their wounds at the hands of Mighty Afghan Warriors: Ghauri, Ghaznavi, Nadar Shah, and Abdali to name a few. These mighty warriors changed the socio-economic, political power structure of subcontinent-today's Pakistan and India. Today's Pakistani generals owe much of their power to Afghan invaders --had they not invaded India probably there was no Pakistan today (Pakistani historians mainly owe it to Muhammad Bin Qasim). Not only to pay tribute to their great ancestor-generals they name their weapons after Ghauri (now a Pakistani Missile), Abdali (now a Pakistani battle tank), and Ghaznvi (famous for seventeen attacks-never defeated) but to remind the Indian rivals of the destruction and havoc they created in subcontinent. It is possible that this recent objection is rooted in India's military corridors which---is more close to Karzi on South Asia advisory front---on one hand feels nervousness and on the other would like to see some embarrassment for Pakistani generals. Below is a brief snippet of history from Story of Pakistan so that you can gain an insight to my sense of humor (On a side note: I discovered that my father in law headed the very first story of Pakistan project at the time of inception).

GHAZNAVI One of the most controversial personalities in the history of South Asia, Mahmud Ghaznavi is known as one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever seen. He was one of the very few leaders who were never defeated in a battlefield. Born in 979, Mahmud became the Sultan of Ghazni in 998. He inherited the small state of Ghazni from his father Subuktigin, and turned it into an empire that lasted for about a century. He was a brave man and use to take part in all the battles his forces fought. Though he was interested in extending his empire toward Central Asia, the maneuverings of the Hindu rulers of Punjab forced him to invade South Asia. He came to South Asia seventeen times and went back to Ghazni every time with a great victory. He fought against the strong forces of Jaipal, Annadpal, Tarnochalpal, Kramta and the joint forces of Hindu Rajas and Maharajas but all of them were forced to flee away from the battlefield due to Mahmud's war strategy as a general. After the conquest of Multan and Lahore, Mahmud made Punjab a part of his empire in 1021.

Unlike other great conquerors like Alexander and Chengez Khan, Mahmud did not leave the areas conquered to the mercy of his soldiers. After becoming the first Muslim ruler to conquer Northern Punjab, he consolidated his rule in the area and established his provincial headquarters at Lahore. He established law and order in the areas that he ruled, giving special attention to the people he ruled. The department of police and post were efficient. His judicial system was very good as everybody was equal before the law and justice was the order of the day.
Mahmud was also a great patron of learning. His court was full of scholars including giants like Firdosi the poet, Behqi the historian and Al-Biruni the versatile scholar. It is said that he used to spend four hundred thousand golden Dinars on scholars. He invited the scholars from all over the world and was thus known as an abductor of scholars. Under Mahmud, Ghazni became one of the most important and beautiful cities of the Islamic world. It was the city of mosques, madrasas and libraries. He also established a Museum in Ghazni. During his rule, Lahore also became a great center of learning and culture. Lahore was called 'Small Ghazni'. Saad Salman, a poet of those times, has written about the academic and cultural life of Lahore.
Mahmud was also a deeply religious man. He himself wrote a book on Fiqh. He had respect for other religions. A large number of Hindus lived in Ghazni, and they enjoyed religious freedom. One of his commanders named Tilak was a Hindu. A number of soldiers in his army were also Hindus. Mahmud attacked the Hindu Temples in India because of political and not religious reasons.

GHAURI Muizz-ud-din Muhammad bin Sam, commonly known as Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Ghauri is one of the key persons who played a significant role in the establishment of Muslim rule in North India. An ambitious person, Muhammad Ghauri wanted to extend his rule towards South Asia. He took the small state of Ghazni from his brother Ghiyas-ud-din Muhammad bin Sam and turned it into an empire by conquering vast territories. First he captured the area ruled by the Ghaznavids and later on extended his rule to North India and Bengal. He was an able general and a brave soldier. He never let a temporary defeat stand in his way.
After his defeat in the first battle of Tarain in 1191 at the hands of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, ruler of Delhi and Ajmer, he spent a complete year
preparing for war. He came back in 1192 and defeated Raj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain. He was the first Muslim ruler to conquer Delhi and establish a Muslim rule in India.
Muhammad Ghuri was a loyal brother. He refrained from declaring his independence in South Asia, knowing that it would result in civil war between the two brothers. Till the death of Ghiyas-ud-din Muhammad bin Sam in 1202, Ghauri never considered himself anything but a general in his brother's army. After every victory he would send the best of the looted items to his elder brother in Firuz Koh. Ghiyas-ud-din reciprocated by never interfering in the affairs of his younger brother. Thus they were each able to concentrate on their own responsibilities. As a result, Muhammad Ghauri managed to push permanent Muslim rule much further east than Mahmud Ghaznavi did.
Muhammad Ghuri had no heirs and thus he treated his slaves as his sons. It is said that he trained thousands of Turkish slaves in the art of warfare and administration.
Most of his slaves were given excellent education. During his reign many hardworking and intelligent slaves rose to positions of excellence. Once a courtier regretted that Sultan has no male heirs. Ghauri immediately replied, "Other monarchs may have one son, or two sons; I have thousands of sons. Namely my Turkish slaves who will be the heirs of my dominions, and who, after me, will take care to preserve my name in the Khutbah throughout these territories". Ghauri's prediction proved true when he was succeeded by a dynasty of Turkish Slaves.
Though Ghauri's main aim was the expansion of his empire, he also
took an interest in the patronization of education and learning. Illustrious Muslim philosopher Fakh-ud-din Razi and the well know poet Nizami Aruzi were few of the big names of his era.
In 1206, Ghauri had to travel to Lahore to crush a revolt. On his way back to Ghazni, his caravan halted at Damik near Jehlum. He was killed while offering his evening prayers. Many think that the murderer was an Ismaili. However, some historians believe that the murderer belonged to the warrior Ghakkar tribe that resided in the area. He was buried where he fell and his tomb has recently been renovated. Muhammad Ghauri is remembered as an empire builder and is justly called the founder of the Muslim Empire in Indo-Pakistan.

On the other hand their respect for knowledge and people who accepted their rule cannot be completely brushed aside. They were able to mortar holes in India's caste system but could not erase it completely. The caste system in Pakistan (now a Muslim majority state-supposed to have equal opportunities) has its deep cultural roots in Indian system of civic segregation.

And I don't know since when both Afghans and Pakistanis have become peaceful brothers (only time will tell its tall tales) as Pakistan has accused Kabul for supplying weapons to Ferari camp in Baluchistan. I can bet as soon as American venture is over in Afghanistan, Afghans would be the first one pushing shopping cart around for these Cino-Pakistani ventured toys with the names of their ancestors painted on foreheads (just a guess--may be not!).

Saturday, February 25, 2006



"With will, fire becomes sweet water; and without will, even water becomes fire."
This was found on Rumi related website as words of wisdom from Rumi. Trying to figure out the meaning. If I am correct then I think he is trying to say that:

"Artisanship and hardwork can turn dust into gold; lack of artisanship and hardwork can turn gold into dirt or worthless object."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Message


I stopped by Christians
They said --peace on you
I stopped by Jews
They said Shalom
I stopped by Muslims
They Said Salam

I stopped by strangers
They were speaking a language
That I could not understand
But they smiled and waived
My mind processed the image
And sent it to heart

I listened to my heart
It said --so many languages
But the message is one

Take the message, and
Spread in thy world

{Last night I was reading Rumi with a friend and today I scribbled this}

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another victim


Once there was Prophet of Islam who would not mind paying respect to a Jew and here we have his followers who would deceive them and torture to death (apparently done by some Muslim youth, it has to be confirmed by investigations however as I recall Daniel Pearl, I can tell the sentiments in Majority of Muslim world about Jews are same). I was in Pakistan visiting my family when Pearl incident happened and I thought I would write an article against killing in a newspaper (Blogging started much later) but never found enough time. However, I have promised to myself that I would because I never found it consistent with Quran. No where in Quran I found endorsement for these acts.