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Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Return and departure from Blogging


I had been blogging off and on by fits and starts. Sometimes, I am in a job where I can't do it but whenever I am back to school I get my freedom. Even I have witnessed a few things very closely in past but I am not supposed to comment and never will.

I am going to hibernation again for a while as my research requires more time and is almost close to wrap up. I know I have lost my readers by doing this but I promise----I will be back soon but with a better blog and better material.

I am leaving you with my prediction that there is a lull before the storm in Pakistan. We are going to see major political crisis. The lawyer movement has got a booster shot because of 'rape of judicial courts by the master'. I will be back to blogging soon if circumstances permit to contribute my 2 cents for the virtual movement for justice and freedom in Pakistan.


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