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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

French Quarter


I will try to write something on this soon however at the moment Earthquake victims are the focus of my attention. At this moment I can only think that there are repercussions from France's Hijab policy. The picture included on Economist's web page with their article shows a Muslim woman in Hijab. My request to Muslims is that they abide by law because it is their country and they must follow the law. A law abiding citizen is much more helpful to Islam, Muslims and West rather than an outlaw.

Unrest spreads from Paris to the provinces Economist.com: WHEN riots erupt in one of the biggest countries of the supposedly super-stable European Union (EU), it can be embarrassing for the government concerned. When those riots go on night after night for the best part of two weeks, only to continue getting worse, it starts to become truly alarming. On Sunday November 6th, the eleventh night in a row of unrest in France, the violence intensified and spread to new areas, despite promises from the country's president and prime minister to stamp it out. What
started with a few disaffected, mostly Muslim youths throwing rocks and burning cars on the outskirts of Paris is fast turning into a national crisis.

France is home to Europe's biggest Muslim population-some 5m strong-and most of the youths confronting the police are French-born Muslims of Arab or African origin (though the children of Portuguese immigrants and native French are also reported to have taken part). In an effort
to stop the violence and show it to be un-Islamic, one of France's largest Muslim organisations has issued a fatwa, or religious order, forbidding "any action that blindly hits private or public property or could constitute an attack on someone's life."


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