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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Soccer Ball Will Use Chip to Track Field Goals


Here comes new competition for my city's (Sialkot, Pakistan's) soccer ball makers. The industry in sialkot had not been very dynamic however they did try to change the production process over the years. China, Taiwan and other countries are producing Soccer Balls on machines but my city fellows produce hand made, hand sewen soccer balls. The result: Hand made Soccer balls were found to be of superior quality. If you remmber the world cup soccer ball named Tango was made in Sialkot. There was one problem however that child labor was increasing till 1989 on the pretext that skill soccer ball workers need to be trained at a younger age to produce superior quality products. Now the industry has over come child labor with the help of UNICEF, UNDP and ILO

Found in
Yahoo news reported by AP

CARDIFF, Wales - A soccer ball containing a microchip that beeps when it crosses the goal line will be tested at this year's under-17 world championship.
AFP/File Photo

The International Football Association Board, which makes the rules for world soccer, agreed to the trial Saturday at its annual general meeting. The microchip ball, which was produced in part by Adidas, was used in a game between Nuremberg and Nuremberg reserves on Wednesday in Germany. When the ball crosses the line, the microchip transmits a signal to a watchlike device on the referee's wrist, making either a beep or vibration. "Not a day goes by without technology making progress,"
FIFA president Sepp Blatter said. "We therefore have a duty to at least examine whether new technology could be used in football.


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