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Friday, November 09, 2007

Is Musharraf-Bhutto conflict real?


South Asia Is Musharraf-Bhutto conflict all it seems?: "'Mock conflict' But is the falling-out quite what it seems? More cynical observers think Friday's dramas in
Islamabad and elsewhere are an exercise in mutual face-saving, a clandestine
understanding that is meant to benefit both."
    OK! I have been reading this for a while and also hearing from all quarters why the heck she has been talking to brass mafia.
  • First, By the way, all politicians in Pakistan do...
  • Second, There was intense pressure from outside world, which off course we did not like ... that they suggest her to compromise with Musharraf.
  • Three, whatever she bargained... she bargained for all political victims of Musharraf's Baton-cracy. Four, She knew all the way that Musharraf will never deliver. By engaging in dialogue it was the best way to show the Musharraf's Western well wishers that the brass headed guy cannot deliver and will never fulfil his promise. She wanted to convince the world that Musharraf will never deliver as he will eventually crackdown on moderates and rather cut a deal with Mullahs. This is what exactly happened.
By the way, don't ask me how do I know this; but I can assure you that this is the real reason and she knew it all along.


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