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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And Harvard Madel of Freedom goes to....


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Says the harvard press statement....

"As lawyers who value freedom and the rule of law, we at Harvard Law School want Chief Justice Chaudhry and all of the courageous lawyers in Pakistan to know that we stand with them in solidarity," said Kagan. "We are proud to be their colleagues in the cause of justice, and we will do all we can to press for the prompt restoration of constitutionalism and legality in Pakistan."

Freedom and justice will prevail in the end.


  • The brave lawyers of Pakistan are to be complimented for their march in support of justice. Only an independent judiciary can defend justice for the individual. The mullahs are attempting to establish arbitrary private rule by their mobs of zealots. North America had such private groups: the KKK, the Mafia, Black Panthers and various white supremacists and others. One by one, they were put out business by the law. Pakistan’s only hope for a stable future is the law. Sharia Law is basically mob rule in the hands of the mullahs. All lawyers know this. That is why Sharia is being quietly secularized in all Islamic countries.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, November 10, 2008 8:23:00 AM  

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