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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pakistan's Donnie Darko did it again (II)


The Army and Mullahs have a clear nexus in Pakistan. I would reiterate Ms. Bhutto's quote that I have already posted here:

I believe the problem is dictatorship, I don't believe the solution is dictatorship."

The extremists need a dictatorship, and dictatorship needs extremists."

I believe Ms. Bhutto is very right in her analysis. As soon as the emergency is imposed, surprisingly, the militants in the troubled Waziristan agency has set free 213 Pakistani soldiers on Sunday Nov4, 2007 who were kept hostage for almost two months by the militants of Baitullah Mehsud (since August 2007). It is possible that they are assured that a free and moderate government of Ms. Bhutto will not come into power as imposing the emergency in the country was the only way out for Musharraf to get out of his commitments with leading moderate political parties.

It should also be remembered that Musharraf himself warned Ms. Bhutto not to return to Pakistan. If Musharraf claims to be the only hope against rising extremism in Pakistan then he should have done every possible thing in his power to ensure Ms. Bhutto's safe return to Pakistan. The place (Karsaz) where attack on Ms. Bhutto's convey took place is very close to Pakistan army's Naval installations and is supposedly a high security area. The security should have been ultra high in that area so that no one takes advantage of the procession and harm government installations as well; however, a security lax and turning of street lights clearly indicate that some government or agency elements were involved in that carnage. If Ms. Bhutto had become a victim in Karachi carnage the emergency would have been imposed right away; however, God saved our Ms. little Brave Heart. Therefore, Musharraf found other excuses to impose emergency.

On the other hand one cannot ignore the role of Punjab's Chaudhries who are hoping to get the next premiership. An emergency in Pakistan will prolong their hold on to power as well. Their nexus with Mullahs is very strong and the following events clearly reveal that:
1. The crisis of Lal Masjid clearly indicates that the ruling party was involved in it up to their neck and their involvement in the North Western Frontier Province cannot be ruled out.
2. By inviting Shaikh of Kaaba to Pakistan for instance they have revealed their close ties to pro-extreme Islamic elements in Pakistan. The extreme Islamic elements have high reverence for the top Saudi cleric, while for the real moderates don't put that much faith in top clerics. It was a show of assurance to Islamists in Pakistan that Chaudhries and PML(Q) are the well wishers of Islam and Muslims in Pakistan.
3. It is very likely that freeing Pakistani soldiers by Mehsud in Wazirastan right after the imposition of emergency would have some involvement of the PML(Q) or the Chaudhries of Punjab.

......Only time will tell.


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