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Monday, April 03, 2006

Life is one long road


(Emele! Thanks for inspiration*)

Life is one long road, and
I am standing on the red light
Looking through the windshield
Night is pouring around me
Dampness in air, inside driving cabin
Is drenching my soul

Falling rain drops
Are splitting into tiny splashes
Before they are swept
By droopy wiper blades
All bent to erase our memories, and
I am standing on the red light

In the downtown of my soul
Looking at dull brick houses
Smoked grey closed doors
And broken windows …
Staring at the long road, standing on red light
I am searching for answers

Changing colors on distant traffic lights
Are sending incandescent reflections
On gleaming asphalt road
Brimming with dancing rain drops
Creating broken rainbows, and
I am standing on the red light

Looking through the windshield
I am waiting for signal to change
Thinking, if all next will be green
On this life like long road
I will cruise through
All the way -- to you

*Saturday night we were cruising along Brodaway in Missoula, Montana and my friend Emele pointed out to traffic light reflections in rain, intriguing my creativity, asked me to write a poem on the effect. We drove around and sat at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and I started writing on a Napkin (wrote few verses) --built framework in mind--finally finished writing next day early morning.


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