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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Freedom which way now?


Trying to find different options to keep blogging. GoPak keeps trumpeting freedom of speech, which I don't witness here anymore. You can blog on http://www.blogger.com but you cannot see your own post because all domains ending with blogspot.com are blocked by the government of Pakistan. Seems like Google is not doing enough to win back GoPak. I am not sure why they don't care and pushing it with government. They must be losing lot of money from blog ads that many of us were subscribed to.

Freedom of speech is mere fiction in Paksitan. All so called "Live" programs are not really live when government is under pressure disclosed an insider on one of Pakistan's private TV channels as thier current affair programs are being censored at times.

Life in Pakistan is full of pseudo developments that give you a false picture that country is developing. Development and Economic Growth is incomplete without it's specific culture that you don't really see in Pakistan. Country lacks organizational and institutional discipline and you cannot realize real growth if you lag on this front badly.


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