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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eitzaz for PM


Earlier, I lost all hope for Pakistani elections after Benazir's death and did not want to write anything. Even the election results amazed me but I thought Musharraf still has an edge to manipulate as no one has a clear majority.

However, this article in LA Times talks about possibility of Aitzaz as a consensus primer. Yes! he deserves it. Though Zardari is deceased Bhutto's heir but I think it is time to show some democracy in the party as well otherwise Musharraf may get an edge in manipulating and pitching parties against each other. Even within PPP some may not agree on Zardari. On the other other PML(N) may not agree on Zardari as well.

There is a possibility that PML(N) may garner more support from some of PML(Q) reps and forgive them. In that case PML(N) may be able to have an edge. Let's see what happens. All sort of things are possible.

If Musharraf dissolves national assembly he will become unpopular with the rest of the world as well. Even army may not endorse his actions anymore as everyone would have realized the damage he has caused. This vote is the verdict. It is not that the elections are fare but the truth is that popular sentiment did not let them rig the elections. You can rig the elections where you are losing by few votes however massive victories by once opposition parties have indicated that there was no popular support for King's men.


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