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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pakistan's new demographic dividend is the key to its future


The post on a new blog "emergency times" speaks for itself how Pakistan's new demographic dividend will change its future. I wish, I have time to write more on this dividend and how it will change our future but at the moment, I can only tell you that it overthrew Nicolae Ceauşescu regime in Romania in 1989. Read about these new student protests here in Washington post and excerpt from the new blog The Emergency Times about the shameful act of the Government of Pakistan arresting youth and children.
Yesterday, 12th November, the regime crossed a new threshold by shamelessly attacking, arresting and detaining schoolchildren in Islamabad. A group of students, most of them between 14 and 18 years of age, was silently walking towards Blue Area as a sign of protest when it was accosted by Islamabad Police.
. . . . . . the students obliged, showing that they did not want to confront the Police who were clearly just following orders from above. As they were walking back, the students were surrounded by more than 500 policemen –their ranks now
reinforced with Punjab Police and the commandos of the Anti-Terrorist Force –and were asked to disperse immediately. When some of the students pointed out that they were merely walking back to their starting point, as previously ordered, the Police turned violent. They started manhandling the children and pushing them into their trucks. 48 boys were physically assaulted and detained, amongst them a 12-year old boy. Even after they had turned themselves in with docility, many of them were beaten with sticks and severely bruised. They were detained in the Margalla Police Station for hours, and were prevented from meeting visitors or making calls. They were eventually released after they had given written assurances not to attend protests in the future."
I can imagine, to whom these kids belong in Islamabad; and some would have definitely rebelled against their parents to join protests. YooHoooooooooooo to Pakistan's new generation.


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