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Sunday, February 03, 2008

What cure you have for average Pakistanis' pessimism?


It has been almost a month since Benazir's sudden and unexpected death. Pakistan's future looks gloomier to me. My brother, who has been a die hard PPP supporter since his child hood is visiting Pakistan recently during his vacations, says this country is not the same anymore.

Recently, the US policy makers have told the media that Pakistan does not need to be pressed to have independent judiciary. I would say thank you! after our leaders are assassinated we don't need justice system to be strengthened in Pakistan.

Alas! my pessimism suggests that in Pakistan we don't need liberals, we don't need democracy, we don't need justice, we just need to let it sink in a s*** hole.

Why someone would really care and make sustainable policies for rest of the world while they are making naive ones to get out of "sub prime" mess at home.

(May not be blogging for a while as I have more things going on in my own life as my job and research is taking more time than expected. Or may be it is just out of the pessimism that we bloggrs cannot make a difference in average Pakistanis' life as their fate is to suffer)


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