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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pre-marital sex in South Asian countries


Oh! The South Indian film industry is outraged on Khushboo's comment.
Well! The truth is that show biz (film industry) is not clean itself at all. They don't give any roles to new actresses until they get a piece of cake. It is no secret in Pakistan and India. I had a brief stint in Showbiz in Pakistan but gave it up just because there was too much backstage corruption and lewdness. Khushboo is just telling the truth what subcontinent women are passing through. Although this thing is not very common in Pakistan but metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, etc. are an exception (By the way the internet café scandal was not very far on timeline). Again I must say that it is not very wide spread even in metropolitan cities. Folks who are involved in pre-marital sex in Pakistan are very small in number but the truth is it does happen in Pakistani society. Any doubts! read Asmat Chughtai, and Saadat Hassan Munto (On a side note: just found Manot's translation in Hindi and English. Don't forget 'Raja Gidh' by Bano Qudsia). In showbiz it is very common. Personally, I have heard stories from friends both male and females. The women desperately complaining that the guy has dumped her and is not faithful. The guy opining she is not very faithful because she might have had relationship with others or she can have with others as well because she has had with him (lousy excuse though). I know those guys were out on hunt and the man objective was to have fun. Unfortunately, I was not of much help and advice to those girls after the water has risen above their heads. The guys would promise marriage against norms (love marriage instead of arranged) and the girl would fall in trap; willing to do everything the guy wants. Once the girl is in spider’s net he would have a feast and move on to next victim.

I know a guy who was always bringing stories about his new encounters; he married a woman who was elder than him and less than average attractive. When I questioned his decision, he said that he had so much fun that he would not trust a beautiful woman anymore and would marry a less attractive woman so that she remains obliged. Moran! What a shame? He was exploiting girls himself and now he was blaming beauty. For his spouse he considered chastity and piousness a great virtue. He wanted a woman who does not look to other men or other men don’t pay attention to her. Subcontinent society is full of double standards.

When AIDS threat was new to subcontinent my office driver came to me and asked reluctantly that if I would answer his personal question. He required confidentiality. I am just discussing it after 10 years without mentioning his name. Sahib! I live here in Islamabad and my wife lives up in mountains. I am thinking I should get her tested for AIDS (Moran! Being illiterate he considered that AIDS is a test for infidelity). I was stunned by his question. Know it was my turn to pull the carpet beneath his feet. I said have you been faithful to her as you are living far away from your wife don’t you have any encounters. If you do you might have transferred HIV/AIDS to her. He was shocked speechless and went out with his head down in shame.

Now I am living here in USA for almost seven years and I have noticed a new trend among my Indian colleagues. Many Indian students (gals and guys) are living together without any nuptial agreement. They consider it important for being hip and advanced. Especially "In Rome, do as Romans do." This is not very common among Pakistanis though but some Pakistani guys do have secret girlfriends that they do not introduce to their community because of fear of reprisal from their peers. So Khusboo is just telling the truth about new trends in Indian society.

Indian actress in hot water over pre-marital sex - South and Central Asia - MSNBC.com:
NEW DELHI - A popular south Indian actress has been pelted with sandals, tomatoes and rotten eggs and hauled before court for telling Indian men not to expect their brides to be virgins
anymore.Khushboo, a 35-year-old star of Tamil language movies, told a magazine in September there was nothing wrong with premarital sex -- as long as it was protected sex.

The row has also engulfed 19-year-old tennis player Sania Mirza, already under a separate Islamic fatwa for wearing skirts on court, after she stormed out of a news conference on Sunday when pressed on her reported support for what Khushboo said.
"Initially, Khushboo's comments went unnoticed.
But a week later, Tamil-language Sun TV, based in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, ran a story of film industry outrage."

Update: MSNBC also has news about a prostitue Nasra Ismail 27 of South Asian origin killed in London. So why there is an outrage about Khusboo's comments? Face the truth and ask how much you have contributed to your society's moral degradation. Some of you (us) may find culprit in your (our) ownself.
On side note: Peer pressure has forced Sania Mirza to backtrack her comments about pre-marital sex presumably in favor of Khushboo (I am becoming her fan too ;). Now she says that "Pre-marital sex is a sin in Islam." I don't know why Mullahs are so worried becasue she did not said that in the context of Islam or Muslims. Many Muslims would doubt about her religious standing and would not consider her a true representative of Islam especially when they find her doing pooja in front of Kali Devi (Her name sounds Muslim though like India President Azad). She is already under fire for her sports and baring her necessities.

(By the way I am not supporting anyone's statment I am just stating the facts the way they are. I do believe that pre-marital sex is prohibited in Islam).


  • True!

    It's a debauched world really! Sometimes I wonder if there is any humane person left in this world.

    One way or the other, we are all disloyal!


    By Blogger Viks, at Sunday, November 27, 2005 5:20:00 PM  

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