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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nip Tuck and Mullahs


Pakistan is a country that has many shocking surprises in store for the larger world that considers it a terrorist heaven. While the Mullahs are busy planning derailment of moderates and fighting jihad in North, the younger generation elsewhere is going through a ‘huge’ (pun intended) Nip Tuck sexual revolution -- bigger Bs (must be Ds), wasp waists and hot buns --- the Western catch-up effect.

According to British tabloid Independent’s Online Edition: [via]

"A growing number of well-educated, British-born Asian women in their 20s are combining annual visits to relatives in Pakistan with cut-price, nip-and-tuck operations. Hundreds of Pakistani Britons are booking cheap plastic surgery in their ancestral homeland, three times the number just four years ago. Nose jobs, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast enlargements are the favored treatments for many who feel 'pressure to have Western features' but who want to pay only a fraction of what they would be charged in Britain." The women are mostly middle-class professionals who take 10 days out of their time abroad to travel from the small villages where their extended families live to Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi where almost all the country's 70 registered plastic surgeons are based.”

I have not been in Pakistan for a long time but I can say that if the Briton Desi-es are coming down there to get cheap nip-tuck then the younger generation in the land of pure must be having a sexual revolution too.

How much Mullah’s are threatened by this revolution is still need to be seen (Emullah is not threatened by the way). Nevertheless, in past, big-chick from Poppywood, Mussarat Shaheen did threaten MMA’s leader by contesting national assembly elections (I just coined this new name ‘Poppywood’ for NWFP’s film industry --- can be considered ‘papi’ in urdu you know -- what I mean? Calling her chick would be an insult to Nip Tuck chicks though).

The next few things I want to hear from Pakistan are:
  • ABCD chicks are traveling to Pakistan to get Morning After Pill (lads are already getting cheap Viagra from homeland).
  • A Pakistani version of Nip Tuck on PTV2
  • A fatwa against Nip Tuck
  • . . .
  • ….. Have more for the list ……?


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