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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sardar Jee! Why dont you use Women Police Force


My Advice for Sardar Jee (B.K. Singh) is to use women ploice force if nude women are causing distraction to male police or forest officers.


Be efficient and arrest them before they start taking off their clothes ;)

Women stripping in forest to foil police - Yahoo! News:
"NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Women in an eastern Indian forest are stripping
naked to distract police and to help a criminal gang avoid arrest while
illegally chopping down trees, the Hindustan Times reported Tuesday.

Some of the women belong to a timber mafia in the heavily-forested state
of Jharkhand while others are paid to strip in front of the police, who are too
embarrassed to arrest them or too distracted to hunt the gang down, the daily
said. 'It is proving tough to deal with these women,' Jharkhand forest official
B.K. Singh said. 'It has almost become a regular practice for them to strip.'


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