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Friday, July 01, 2005

Global Development Network moved its Headquarters to India


Here is an email that I recieved form GDN as a regular subscriber. I suggest that the best thing Pakistanis can do is read William Easterly's classic article and I need not to say anything.

"The Political Economy of Growth Without Development: A Case Study of Pakistan"

Here is the email excerpt:

‘India Approves GDN’s IO Status
The Union Cabinet of the Government of India on June 23, 2005 approved theestablishment of GDN as an international organization with itsheadquarters in New Delhi. Welcoming GDN to India, the government alsoapproved the signing of the ‘Agreement Establishing the Global DevelopmentNetwork’ by India as a ‘State Party’. By the establishment of GDN'sheadquarters in New Delhi, the government said the country would benefitby becoming the hub of global research on development issues.With the Cabinet's announcement, India joins a growing list of nationscommitted to supporting GDNs future as an international organizationincluding Colombia, Egypt, Italy, Sri Lanka and Senegal. These countriesare already signatories to the international organization charter.You may read moreabout the Indian government’s decision on the links below:
PIB Press Release


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