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Monday, November 12, 2007

Asma's moving article in Washington Post


Only problem I have with some human right activists in Pakistan is that they would smoke in a room full of people in a public place and not care about my human right to fresh and carcenogene free air other than that a really good article by Asma Jehangir in Washington Post. Musharraf is really afraid of her.

Since Saturday, police officers have barged into my house twice after receiving (false) warnings that I had escaped. On seeing me, they sheepishly admitted they were misled.
I have tried to make them understand the difference between people such as myself and terrorists. "If I did run away, how far would I go?" I asked them. "In any event, I am not likely to blow myself up around the corner." One police officer said that he agreed but that his job was at greater risk if I got away than if a terrorist escaped the law. Terrorists, he pointed out, outnumber rights activists in our country.
By the way, those who were doubting about BB's contact with Musharraf
should know she will care more for democracy in Pakistan than anything else.

The march, due to start on Tuesday, is part of her campaign against President Pervez Musharraf's emergency rule.
Commonwealth foreign ministers meeting in London gave Pakistan until 22 November to lift its emergency rule or face suspension from the body.
Other steps they want Mr Musharraf to take include:
1. stepping down as army chief
2. releasing all detained political party activists
3. lifting all media restrictions


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