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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Earthquake


My university's Office of International Programs (OIP) has asked me to continue the fund raising during the International week starting Nov 7, 2005. I have been asked to write an article for the newsletter and a power point presetation. I am looking at the pictures on internet, kids, childern, old and helpless women and men and it is really hard to stop tears. You need guts to stay calm. I am thinking that I will go back to Pakistan someday very soon and take part in rebuilding. There is a lot to be done. May be we can adopt some kids or help a family to put their life back on path.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Killing the innocents


"Anyone who murders an innocent is like killing entire hummanity" Why in the name of God? What these innocents have done? At a time when India is struggling to rehabilitate survivors it is completely senssless act and barbaricism.
3 New Delhi Explosions Kill at Least 58:

"Near-simultaneous explosions rocked the Indian capital Saturday evening, tearing through a bus and two markets crowded with people shopping for gifts for a Hindu festival. At least 58 People were killed and dozens wounded in the blasts, which the government blamed on terrorists."

Friday, October 28, 2005

Middle Eastern Drama Revisited


The Iranian president is making new shockwaves at a time when world is trying to seek more support for peace around the world and region close to Middle East is struggling to help earthquake survivors. At a time when Iran is looking forward to garner more support for its nuclear program Ahmadinejad's remarks are highly immature and insensible. He has swept aside all the good work Mr. Mohammad Khatami had done in past to bring Iran close to its western allies. Surprisingly, US and Israel have shown a calm over his comments as well as the Arab world. The immediate response has come from Kofi Annan, Tony Blair , French President Jacques Chirac and Ahmadinejad's former presidential rival Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani insisted: "We have no problem with the Jews. Our issue is Zionism which is only a limited part of the Jewish society." India's response is hilarious: On one hand it does not want a tougher action against Iranian nukes on the other she is trying to seize the opportunity and has started a blame game against Pakistan. India has opened his guns on Pakistan accusing of nuclear proliferation at a time when it is trying to manage the earthquake disaster at home.

Iran has done this before in case of Salman Rushdie and I hope it will not be more than rhetoric this time as well. They may take back their threat the way they did with Rushdie's fatwa. They should remember it took years before they were able to normalize relations with the West. On the other hand I am thinking it is a type of rhetoric that North Korea has resorted to get economic benefits in return.

The US has not shown any response yet. GOP is embroiled with problems in its administration and Harriet Miers's withdrawl has become a big embarassment along with Libby Scooter and Delay's indictment (Putting some steam on Iran may provide them an opportunity to divert attention from Scooter indictment and Mier's withdrawl). However, declaring a war on Iran may complicate things for GOP more than ever. I am subscribed to Washington post, NY times, LA Times and the Economists headline news in e-mail. For last two days the stories ranged from CIA leak, Iraq, to North Korea and Syria. However there was no mention of Iran and Ahmadinejad's remarks. It may be a lull before storm.

If Iran is going to adopt a collision path economic growth process in neighboring countries will greatly suffer. India is looking forward to gas pipe line through Pakistan to fuel its economic growth. The Pakistan on the other hand will benefit from commission it can receive in return. Pipe line and earthquake in Kashmir can bring two countries together. However, at the moment it seems like everything is running downhill.

At this moment the things are heading in a direction which may result in a bigger war in this region that can encompass Iraq, Iran and Syria. Let's hope it does not happen because the only one who is going to suffer is people especially, women, children and older ones.

Iran president sticks by controversial Israel remark - Yahoo! News: "TEHRAN (AFP)

Iran's hardline president has defended his call for Israel to be 'wiped off the map' despite an escalating international outcry, as tens of thousands of Iranians rallied to condemn the Jewish state. It was also a major departure from the reformist presidency of Mohammad Khatami, who had toned down anti-Western rhetoric and sought to bring Iran out of international isolation.
His comments have been hugely damaging for Iran's image. The country is already under intense Western pressure over its nuclear energy program -- suspected as being a cover for weapons development -- and facing the prospect of seeing the issue referred to the UN Security Council.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

University of Montana Fund Raising


The studetns at the University of Montana have raised $2529.13 for earthquke relief in Pakistan and India. The amount was presented to local chapter of American Red Cross. The ARC has deposited the amount in Internaional Foundation of Red Cross and Red Crescentn's International Response fund for Earthquake.

Blog Earthquake Day


Taking inspiration from Instapundit and TTLB, and the massive donations they were able to collect for Katrina relief efforts, DESI PUNDIT has organized a BLOG QUAKE DAY on Wednesday, Oct 26, 2005.

He is requesting each of you to make a small post about the earthquake, and direct your readers to a suitable avenue for donating to the relief efforts.

Also check Edhi Foundation they are recognized by UN and I have posted info about direct depoits in their account in NY, USA. One of the low administrative cost NGO working in the area with no ties to terrorists or religious extremists.

Please check my blog entries below for donations also recycling list here from sepoy

World VisionHumanity
First Hidaya Foundation
SEWA International
International Rescue Committee
Pakistan President’s Relief Fund
The Human Development Foundation
The Association for the Development of Pakistan ’s Earthquake Redevelopment Fund

Thursday, October 20, 2005



I have prepared new posters for Earthquake relief fund raising as per demand. Sepoy has also promised to come up with some posters. Goodluck for your fundraising.

Earthquake fundraising Banner

I just need somebody to lean on
Help! does not have a patent or copyright

Your donations are more powerful
How come sex sells but earthquake does not
Every Penny Counts
No. of Dead
No. of Homeless and tents needed

UN, NY Earthquake Fund Raising Posters and Pictures


The UN NY office is doing a fund raising for earthquake survivors. They are using our posters and they want more. If anyone has made digital posters let me know and I will inform them. I will be posting some more posters under my previous post and if anyone needs em please feel free to download. For low resolution posters there is a trick. First print them on 8x11 and then photocopy them on a large poster paper at kinkos.

From: <...>
> Subject:
Pakistan Earthquake_How to help..posters
> To: <...>
> Dear ...n
> I am grateful to you for sharing earqthquake related poster. Here at UN in New York, I am involved in a fund raising campaign and this poster has been really helpful. I was just wondering if you have more material like pictures (high resolution) , flyers, or posters which we can use during our campaign as visuals make a real difference.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Earthquake Fund Raising at University of Montana


I like to keep low profile however this effort was more like a team work and all the volunteers did a great job for which I am thankful from the core of my heart and highly indebted. I dont have pictures for everyone but I commend everyone's effort who has participated in the fund raising. I considered it a good opportunity to show how much ordinary Americans and students from other nations love and care about Pakistan. Love, help, and care has no boundaries, no religion (a lesson for extremist as well who think everyone else is evil).

Table at university centre

Michele Rutherford came up with idea of hot chocolate sale for fund raising. She made a donation in kind of chocolate bags. Mexican hot chocolate was a big hit and out sell regular American hot chocolate.

Michele had more than 40 students from Pakistan last year. Students came from different areas of Pakistan to receive teacher training. Many of them were from Mansehra district. She is very worried about their safety. She has written emails to her students in Pakistan since she has heard about the earthquake. Only one managed to reply. "Samina" wrote from Mansehra that 250-300 people in my extended family are believed to be dead (they are missing). She is not living in her house because it has got cracks. She is living under the open sky. Michele does not know who Samina managed to get access to internet. However she was very happy to hear from her. As soon as Michele heard about the fund raising she contacted us and volunteered. She is sitting at the table in Pakistani ensemble everyday to show her support and love for the people of Pakistan and earthquake victims.
Aubrey and Cat Carlo
Amano Ayumi from Japan
Japanese students at fund raising
A Pakistani with American student R. Harriman (volunteering shift)
Pakistani students with Michele, and A. Niklison (volunteer shift)
Ather, Erik and Andrew (volunteering on 2nd day of fund raising) . A list of all those who participated in fund raising.

Faculty and Staff

  1. Effie Koehn (Director foreign Student and Scholar Services at UMT)
  2. Allison (Director Red Cross in Missoula, MT)
  3. Micheal Kuplik (President University Professor's Union)
  4. Michele Rutherford (Instructor, International English Language Program)


  1. Alina Niklison Amano
  2. Amano Ayumi
  3. Andrew Freeman
  4. Asad L.
  5. A. Bajwa
  6. Aubery Thill
  7. Catherine Carlo
  8. Chelsie Dwello
  9. Erik Ewing
  10. Hanna Richtner Ahlin
  11. Haruka Furuya
  12. Helen Chung
  13. HJ Kim
  14. Hojamurod Hojaev
  15. Jackson Poppen
  16. Jameel Chaudhry
  17. James Fox
  18. Jay Kim
  19. Jelena Stojakovic
  20. Jennifer Andreason
  21. John Spores
  22. Jonathan Fusaro
  23. Kelly Sweeny
  24. Kimberley May
  25. Leanne Clark
  26. Lisa Lundquist
  27. Makon Fardis
  28. M. Ahmad @ Univ of Chicago for making a poster in time on request.
  29. Mandy Morgan
  30. Maranda Irwin
  31. Mark Freier
  32. Martin Twer (President International Student Association)
  33. Mary Moore
  34. Mcleod Laura
  35. Michele D. Rutherford
  36. Noriko Ito
  37. Rachel Harriman
  38. Rebecca Wahl
  39. Ryan Fries
  40. Ryan Mile
  41. Said M Gafarov
  42. Steve Claverdon
  43. Sheetle
  44. T. Baig
  45. Tracey Hickmott

Following for placing Red Cross Cans at thier location

  1. Food For Thought
  2. Adrian and UC administration and program office at UMT
  3. John at Espresso Coffee shop
  4. University Book Store
  5. University Photocopy Centre
  6. Griz Central

Please report errors to me and I will correct. If someone is left from the list please let me know. My family also deserve credit for support and patience.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Another Iraq?


Only thing world community and many Americans would be concerned about is another Iraq like crisis. I would say the best way is to go through UN and the countries who are behind Syria (Russia). The way Syrians were pushed out of Beruit (Lebanon I mean) would be the best strategy to replicate. Look for an opportunity and pick the tyrrants out from everywhere in the world.
G.I.'s and Syrians in Tense Clashes on Iraqi Border - New York Times:
In a meeting at the White House on Oct. 1, senior aides to Mr. Bush considered a variety of options for further actions against Syria, apparently including special operations along with other methods for putting pressure on Mr. Assad in coming weeks.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Fund raising and Ideas


New Ideas are added below

Wow! so far it is going great. I thought I will keep a low profile and will not discuss our fund raising effort however lot of people are looking for info on how to organize fund raising. Please read my previous post on organizing Red Cross fund raising for earthquake victims.

I will post pictures as well from University of Montana Fund raising so that people of Pakistan know that ordinary American people are with them. They are so loving and caring. My students volunteered on Thu, and Fri at the University Centre Table for the Red Cross fund raising that I organized. Within two days we have raised almost $1000.

Once you start doing this you get lot of help.

Effie at the international student and scholars program at UMT came forward and reserved the table for next week as well. She is so motivating, resourceful that you cannot imagine. She told me that she helped raise more than $2000 for Tunami.

New Fund Raising Idea

Michele in the International English Language program came up with a great idea.

1. At local Costco:
a. we are buying Hot choclate mix, Choclate chips, Marshmallows, etc. We will buy Quart ziploc bags and make small packets. We will put label on it about Red Cross and ingredients, a disclaimer about peanut resids as well (this is important).

Note: Mix Marshmallow in some bags but not in all. American love this and you will get a good response. If you need a good buyiing response from Muslims and Jews as well then remember do not eat non-Kosher Marshmallow. Either find Kosher Marshmallow or dont mix in all bags.

b. We may also buy Nestle's choclate and Strabery mix for Childern and make some bags.

2. At International House, UM people will help us to make 1 Qt bags

3. We will sell the bags $3 or donation a piece next week.

(Michele says her daugeter's school raised $3000 for tsunami).

Red Cross says that a Lemonade stand by a 9 year old girl raised more than $3000.

4. Martin has helped to get volunteers for the entire next week.

This is great, I love you Missoula, I love you Montana, I love you Missoulians, I love you people of Paksitan and Missoulians love you too.

Please Organize Fund Raising and Donate. Keep on doing this for the rest of year as well.

There were 40 students from northern Pakistan last semester at UMT for educational methods training. One of the girls who came for training was from Manshera. She has sent an email that more than 200-300 people in her extended family are unaccounted and probably have died in the Balakot area.

Sepoy has come up with another great idea. He is selling T-shirts on http://ww2.spreadshirt.com/shop.php?op=article&ac=details&article_id=863357#top
Check it out. All profits go to earthquake relief. Ask him your specific slogan and he may make one for you.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Red Cross and Earthquake Relief


In my university there are only two Pakistani students. We have decided to do fund raising with international student program and partner organizations. They want some posters that highlight the situation. I need help in this regard. Give me some links and preferably a coincise poster. I will really appreciate that.

Our partner organizations have decide to send money to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent which is highly respected and an independent platform. We can also mobilize all PSA's in US universities. We can send them these posters and see what they can do. ASAP.

How you can help?
It is very easy to work with Red Cross.

Talk to Red Cross in your area, their process is simple.
1. The money you collect using red cross boxes will only be distributed through them 100%.

2. They will sign a volunteer agreement with you stating how long the box will be placed.3. They will ask you to sign a volunteer statment.

3. You can put them in your university at different places for one week. Setting up a table in university centre or union for one or two days is a better idea.

4. Put some posters highlighting tragedy and contact your university's public relations and student newspaper. You have to put info about Red Cross and their disclaimer (they provide) on all your posters.

5. Have the word out.

6. Collect the boxes after fund raising is over and then open them in fornt of Red Cross representative for varification. Send all money to International Red Cross and Red Crescent's International Response Fund for Earthquake. (After collection better take the boxes to Red Cross and open in front of them so that you dont have to go through audit hassles if they end up doing within a year).

Latest: Sepoy has devoted time and energy to make our task more easier. He has created a poster just in time. Please download posters from his website. See the sample poster as thumbnail.

I have also prepared two posters last night. See sample images below. If you need em send me an email and I will send the files to you in jpeg format. Click the pic to enlarge and save on your computer then print on a color printer.

Our new "I just need somebody to lean on" fundrasising poster for earthquake fundraising for survivors in Pakistan, India, and Kashmir

Edhi Foundation and Earth Quake Relief


As I said I am working on getting info for direct deposits to Edhi Foundation. I just talked to Jamil Chaudhry at Edhi Foundation NY. He has given me following information.

Bank Name: Habib-American Bank, Jakson Heights, NY.
Phone Number 718-397-0890

The name on the account is Bilqis Edhi Relief Foundation Inc.
The routing # 026007362
Bank Account # is 32001014
Please write on your transfer special nature/purpose Earthquake Relief in Pakistan

You can call the bank tomorrow during working hrs and get more info. There are other organizations as well who are collecting donations on behalf of Edhi Foundation. One effort in this regard has been made by Develop Pakistan Foundation for online direct deposits which they will submit to Edhi Foundation; Please check their website for more info. They are also collecting money for "Presidents Earthquake Foundation".

More info on wikipedia

CM is collecting donations through paypal on his website and will continue for two weeks starting on Oct 13. All donations go to Edhi Foundation.

Earthquake Relief and Charities


Personally I will prefer Edhi Foundation.
EF is the most respected organization world wide.
Here is there address.
USA Edhi International Foundation.
42-07 National StreetCorona,
New York, 11368 USA
TaxID is 11-345067
Tel: (718)(639-5120)

I am trying to get their direct bank deposit info and they have promised me to provide that. Only thing they say is they wont be able to provide a recipt. However, you will be able to confirm from the bank everything you need to know.

One effort has been made by Develop Pakistan Foundation for online direct deposits which they will submit to Edhi Foundation; Please check their website for more info.

The government of Pakistan has also established a
"President's Fund for Earthquake" relief.

All such checks should be mailed to the

Head of Chancery,
Embassy of Pakistan,
3517 International Court, NW,
Washington, DC 20008.

International Federation of Red Cross


Red Cross Canada




PIA will airlift your donation in kind to Pakistan for free (courtesy South Asia Tribune).

- Send relief goods to any Airline Office in Pakistan.
PIA, Air Blue, Aero Asia (Pakistan Contacts) (International Offices), Bhoja Air in any city and the airline will ship these goods free to the disaster-hit areas.
Click for Contact Nos in all cities.

- Send Relief goods, properly packed, to PIA Offices anywhere in the World and PIA will lift it for free for the Victims.

Ansar Burney Welfare Trust a human rights organization
is a pakistani organization and is accepting donations and delivering it to victims.


Earthquake and My criticism


I criticized the government of Paksitan's initial response to the disaster and lot of folks have either noted, or raised concern or gave feedback in this regard.

My criticism was actually in response to Musharaf's comment which I did not actually post earlier. In one of the news item (I wish I had copied the link at that time) General said he saw it on GEO TV that government officials are taking part in the rescue operation. This is not the way a country's president monitor his government's progress in relief operation. I agree with sepoy that he has the worst PR disaster among his general forefathers.

I totally agree that we are talking about a developing country and they are doing a lot. Yes! people of Pakistan are showing lot of courage and are doing more than they could. I wish I was there and could help more than just sending monies.

In the the wake of Katrina, the US government knew about the hurricane but could not mobilize resources in time while the nature of earthquake was that it came and leveled everything and in a developing country it is hard to mobilize resources more quickly.

I appreciate the bloggers who are doing lot of effort to provide information where to give donations and I will recycle that info on my blog.

By the way, Zak has a very heart wrecking story on his blog courtesy of The NEWS

When this naive reporter asked as to what was the most immediate
need of the Mansehra people, aging Samandar Khan said, "Send some cotton Latha
so that we could bury our dead with respect." Literally, they have run out of
the burial cloth as some of the inhabitants said they buried their loved ones in
blankets, bed sheets and even in the clothes they died in.
And at other places you can read about the enormity of devestation

Lying on makeshift beds on a hospital lawn in this northwestern Pakistani hill town, some screaming in pain, hundreds of men, women and children wait for help. But they have to stay there for now, because doctors say the monster earthquake that rumbled through the region early Saturday could have made the building dangerous.
"We feel it is unsafe to keep patients inside," Amir Shah, a senior doctor at the Ayub hospital in Abbotabad, told AFP.
Already at breaking point because of the flood of victims and a shortage of supplies, violent aftershocks added to the worry. "Our doctors and paramedical staff are scared to go in. The building has already developed cracks," Shah said.
Abbotabad is on the road towards the epicentre of the quake and is just miles (kilometres) from the worst affected area, where thousands of people are feared to have died.

I have a friend in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir who went home from Canada to get married and so far I have no news from him.

Update: My friend is alive and came back to Canada, Happily married with his wife.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Earthquake in Pakistan and apathy in rescue operation


As far as the news are coming in the "Government's Response" was very poor; in fact apathetic. Capital Development Authority (CDA) which has the prime responsibility of ensuring the safe delivery of services and cooping with disasters did not mobilize its disaster management operation in time. The Towers in Islamabad which housed Pakistanis and foreigners both were destroyed in the morning however the earth moving equipment did not move in until afternoon.
According to one phone call the earth moving equipment moved into the neighborhood of collapsed towers in the afternoon after people made several phone calls to CDA. If mobilizing of rescue operation is at its worst in the capital city of Pakistan then we can imagine the pathetic nature of search, rescue, and relief operation in Kashmir and the Northern Part of Pakistan where access is limited and the earthquake has caused a major damage.

I have just heard from my brother in law that one of his friends made a cell phone call from the collapsed building rubble that he and his family is alive and waiting for rescue. They have been trapped for more than 12 hrs. and the rescue teams have not reached them yet.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Chill Factor: Yo!



Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer Security - (washingtonpost.com):

The subtitle of the book, 'You Are Who the Computer Says You Are,' is a chilling truth when you stop and consider what it's really driving at. A paragraph from the beginning of the book explains: 'The people of the world have granted control of their existence to computers, networks, and databases. You own property if a computer says you do. You can buy a house if a
computer says you may. You have money in the bank if a computer says so. Your blood type is what the computer says it is. You are who the computer says you are.'