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Monday, October 10, 2005

Earthquake Relief and Charities


Personally I will prefer Edhi Foundation.
EF is the most respected organization world wide.
Here is there address.
USA Edhi International Foundation.
42-07 National StreetCorona,
New York, 11368 USA
TaxID is 11-345067
Tel: (718)(639-5120)

I am trying to get their direct bank deposit info and they have promised me to provide that. Only thing they say is they wont be able to provide a recipt. However, you will be able to confirm from the bank everything you need to know.

One effort has been made by Develop Pakistan Foundation for online direct deposits which they will submit to Edhi Foundation; Please check their website for more info.

The government of Pakistan has also established a
"President's Fund for Earthquake" relief.

All such checks should be mailed to the

Head of Chancery,
Embassy of Pakistan,
3517 International Court, NW,
Washington, DC 20008.

International Federation of Red Cross


Red Cross Canada




PIA will airlift your donation in kind to Pakistan for free (courtesy South Asia Tribune).

- Send relief goods to any Airline Office in Pakistan.
PIA, Air Blue, Aero Asia (Pakistan Contacts) (International Offices), Bhoja Air in any city and the airline will ship these goods free to the disaster-hit areas.
Click for Contact Nos in all cities.

- Send Relief goods, properly packed, to PIA Offices anywhere in the World and PIA will lift it for free for the Victims.

Ansar Burney Welfare Trust a human rights organization
is a pakistani organization and is accepting donations and delivering it to victims.



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