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Monday, October 10, 2005

Edhi Foundation and Earth Quake Relief


As I said I am working on getting info for direct deposits to Edhi Foundation. I just talked to Jamil Chaudhry at Edhi Foundation NY. He has given me following information.

Bank Name: Habib-American Bank, Jakson Heights, NY.
Phone Number 718-397-0890

The name on the account is Bilqis Edhi Relief Foundation Inc.
The routing # 026007362
Bank Account # is 32001014
Please write on your transfer special nature/purpose Earthquake Relief in Pakistan

You can call the bank tomorrow during working hrs and get more info. There are other organizations as well who are collecting donations on behalf of Edhi Foundation. One effort in this regard has been made by Develop Pakistan Foundation for online direct deposits which they will submit to Edhi Foundation; Please check their website for more info. They are also collecting money for "Presidents Earthquake Foundation".

More info on wikipedia

CM is collecting donations through paypal on his website and will continue for two weeks starting on Oct 13. All donations go to Edhi Foundation.


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