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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Earthquake Fund Raising at University of Montana


I like to keep low profile however this effort was more like a team work and all the volunteers did a great job for which I am thankful from the core of my heart and highly indebted. I dont have pictures for everyone but I commend everyone's effort who has participated in the fund raising. I considered it a good opportunity to show how much ordinary Americans and students from other nations love and care about Pakistan. Love, help, and care has no boundaries, no religion (a lesson for extremist as well who think everyone else is evil).

Table at university centre

Michele Rutherford came up with idea of hot chocolate sale for fund raising. She made a donation in kind of chocolate bags. Mexican hot chocolate was a big hit and out sell regular American hot chocolate.

Michele had more than 40 students from Pakistan last year. Students came from different areas of Pakistan to receive teacher training. Many of them were from Mansehra district. She is very worried about their safety. She has written emails to her students in Pakistan since she has heard about the earthquake. Only one managed to reply. "Samina" wrote from Mansehra that 250-300 people in my extended family are believed to be dead (they are missing). She is not living in her house because it has got cracks. She is living under the open sky. Michele does not know who Samina managed to get access to internet. However she was very happy to hear from her. As soon as Michele heard about the fund raising she contacted us and volunteered. She is sitting at the table in Pakistani ensemble everyday to show her support and love for the people of Pakistan and earthquake victims.
Aubrey and Cat Carlo
Amano Ayumi from Japan
Japanese students at fund raising
A Pakistani with American student R. Harriman (volunteering shift)
Pakistani students with Michele, and A. Niklison (volunteer shift)
Ather, Erik and Andrew (volunteering on 2nd day of fund raising) . A list of all those who participated in fund raising.

Faculty and Staff

  1. Effie Koehn (Director foreign Student and Scholar Services at UMT)
  2. Allison (Director Red Cross in Missoula, MT)
  3. Micheal Kuplik (President University Professor's Union)
  4. Michele Rutherford (Instructor, International English Language Program)


  1. Alina Niklison Amano
  2. Amano Ayumi
  3. Andrew Freeman
  4. Asad L.
  5. A. Bajwa
  6. Aubery Thill
  7. Catherine Carlo
  8. Chelsie Dwello
  9. Erik Ewing
  10. Hanna Richtner Ahlin
  11. Haruka Furuya
  12. Helen Chung
  13. HJ Kim
  14. Hojamurod Hojaev
  15. Jackson Poppen
  16. Jameel Chaudhry
  17. James Fox
  18. Jay Kim
  19. Jelena Stojakovic
  20. Jennifer Andreason
  21. John Spores
  22. Jonathan Fusaro
  23. Kelly Sweeny
  24. Kimberley May
  25. Leanne Clark
  26. Lisa Lundquist
  27. Makon Fardis
  28. M. Ahmad @ Univ of Chicago for making a poster in time on request.
  29. Mandy Morgan
  30. Maranda Irwin
  31. Mark Freier
  32. Martin Twer (President International Student Association)
  33. Mary Moore
  34. Mcleod Laura
  35. Michele D. Rutherford
  36. Noriko Ito
  37. Rachel Harriman
  38. Rebecca Wahl
  39. Ryan Fries
  40. Ryan Mile
  41. Said M Gafarov
  42. Steve Claverdon
  43. Sheetle
  44. T. Baig
  45. Tracey Hickmott

Following for placing Red Cross Cans at thier location

  1. Food For Thought
  2. Adrian and UC administration and program office at UMT
  3. John at Espresso Coffee shop
  4. University Book Store
  5. University Photocopy Centre
  6. Griz Central

Please report errors to me and I will correct. If someone is left from the list please let me know. My family also deserve credit for support and patience.


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