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Thursday, October 20, 2005

UN, NY Earthquake Fund Raising Posters and Pictures


The UN NY office is doing a fund raising for earthquake survivors. They are using our posters and they want more. If anyone has made digital posters let me know and I will inform them. I will be posting some more posters under my previous post and if anyone needs em please feel free to download. For low resolution posters there is a trick. First print them on 8x11 and then photocopy them on a large poster paper at kinkos.

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Pakistan Earthquake_How to help..posters
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> I am grateful to you for sharing earqthquake related poster. Here at UN in New York, I am involved in a fund raising campaign and this poster has been really helpful. I was just wondering if you have more material like pictures (high resolution) , flyers, or posters which we can use during our campaign as visuals make a real difference.


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