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Friday, October 14, 2005

Fund raising and Ideas


New Ideas are added below

Wow! so far it is going great. I thought I will keep a low profile and will not discuss our fund raising effort however lot of people are looking for info on how to organize fund raising. Please read my previous post on organizing Red Cross fund raising for earthquake victims.

I will post pictures as well from University of Montana Fund raising so that people of Pakistan know that ordinary American people are with them. They are so loving and caring. My students volunteered on Thu, and Fri at the University Centre Table for the Red Cross fund raising that I organized. Within two days we have raised almost $1000.

Once you start doing this you get lot of help.

Effie at the international student and scholars program at UMT came forward and reserved the table for next week as well. She is so motivating, resourceful that you cannot imagine. She told me that she helped raise more than $2000 for Tunami.

New Fund Raising Idea

Michele in the International English Language program came up with a great idea.

1. At local Costco:
a. we are buying Hot choclate mix, Choclate chips, Marshmallows, etc. We will buy Quart ziploc bags and make small packets. We will put label on it about Red Cross and ingredients, a disclaimer about peanut resids as well (this is important).

Note: Mix Marshmallow in some bags but not in all. American love this and you will get a good response. If you need a good buyiing response from Muslims and Jews as well then remember do not eat non-Kosher Marshmallow. Either find Kosher Marshmallow or dont mix in all bags.

b. We may also buy Nestle's choclate and Strabery mix for Childern and make some bags.

2. At International House, UM people will help us to make 1 Qt bags

3. We will sell the bags $3 or donation a piece next week.

(Michele says her daugeter's school raised $3000 for tsunami).

Red Cross says that a Lemonade stand by a 9 year old girl raised more than $3000.

4. Martin has helped to get volunteers for the entire next week.

This is great, I love you Missoula, I love you Montana, I love you Missoulians, I love you people of Paksitan and Missoulians love you too.

Please Organize Fund Raising and Donate. Keep on doing this for the rest of year as well.

There were 40 students from northern Pakistan last semester at UMT for educational methods training. One of the girls who came for training was from Manshera. She has sent an email that more than 200-300 people in her extended family are unaccounted and probably have died in the Balakot area.

Sepoy has come up with another great idea. He is selling T-shirts on http://ww2.spreadshirt.com/shop.php?op=article&ac=details&article_id=863357#top
Check it out. All profits go to earthquake relief. Ask him your specific slogan and he may make one for you.


  • Emullah: I am holding video-screenings on campus. $10 dollar a head ticket, plus donations. Showing "George Ka Pakistan" .

    Also, we are printing some Tshirts and selling them. The design is on Cafe Press. I will email you the link.

    By Blogger sepoy, at Friday, October 14, 2005 4:47:00 PM  

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