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Monday, January 30, 2006

Islamabad vs Washington.


If Washington thinks that only a General like Musharraf can deliver the peace then they are wrong and must get their policy documents re-examined by South Asian historians. Co-operating with military regimes have only brought more trouble to US in terms of public popularity in Pakistan. Among democratic leaders Ms. Benazir Bhutto dealt with the situation in Sindh, during her reign, with an "Iron Hand". She is expected to deal with the extremism with same determination. The only problem she has is that she cannot deal with her husband easily who has an apatite for plundering Pakistan's resources (that makes her a typical subjugated Pakistani woman). I use to drive by the backyard of Prime Minister house while commuting to my university in Pakistan. I saw all the earth moving equipment moved from the Islamabad interchange project to level the hills behind prime minister house for a polo ground. Her hubby treated the PM house as his private property. He thought he is going to live their forever. Why he could not go to Polo facilities in Rawalpindi or fly to Gilgit to play polo in much serene and picturesque land?

These days BB is in Washington, hoping to change Washington's views. She has called everyone (PPP Supporters, I mean) for an urgent meeting (including one of my dear friends). I assume The Watan Dost guy will be there as well and deliver some good inside news and hopes as he was there last time when she called a meeting in Boston.

VIA WATANDOST: Inside News About Pakistan: "One crucial reason General Musharraf gets so little pressure from the Bush administration about restoring democracy is the almost universal assumption in Washington that only a dictator can deliver Pakistani military cooperation."
I believe that there is big political activity going on as far as Pakistan is concerned as Mr. Nawaz Sharif has also decided to step out of closet and is talking about the rape of his government at the hands of Musharraf. Probably Washington has given a signal to both deposed and exiled ex-PMs of Pakistan about shifting gears. (I have not found much coverage in Pakistani newspapers, you know Pakistani press is free always says Musharraf.... but.....).

Friday, January 27, 2006

Applying Business Cycle Theory to Politics


The land of pure and powerful


The issue of Baluchistan is getting heat in the academia, news media and blogs as well: 1, 2. The issue has taken new heat recently especially after the resignation of Baloch Prime minister (I wish things would have been different in my country). We have never seen a single prime minister in our times to finish his term. Corruption, nepotism, rent seeking politics has become a norm in my country so is the army dominance.

The first army rule caused the cessation of East Pakistan, the second caused the making and rebellion of MQM plus advent of Taliban to the throne of Afghanistan. We are speculating at the moment what we will get by the end of third military rule.

The problem of Balochistan has some truth to deprivation and marginalization but to some parts the Sardars of Balochistan are also involved in that. The politics of "Rent Seeking" is to blame for that.
The Makranis stood firm against the Mughals,But bowed nominally to the British Raj. It is only since 1971 that some effort has been made to develop the region .There is no road along the coast, but daily flights connect the four main coastal towns of Ormara, Pasni, Gwadar And Jiwani with Karachi, and there are flights to Quetta three times a week, Gwadar and Jiwani. Both picturesque towns Flanked by cliffs and beaches, belonged to Oman for about 200 years. The Khan of kallat gave them as a present to The sultan in the 18th century, and in 1958 they were sold back to Pakistan.
1. After independence Khan of Kallat was paid for the state of Kallat.
2. Gawadar and adjacent areas were bought from the State of Oman
3. The money was paid for tax payers pockets. The entire Nation paid for it.

As soon as the lands were purchased the Baloch nationalism started making intense waves. As soon as development started in 70s the fight became intense. This fight has been preventing the use of Balochistan's resources in an optimal manner.

A claim to control the resources by Baluchistan's few landlords is also injustice. So are the extra judicial killings. The life of an ordinaryArmy man who is serving the army so that he can make living for his family is as precious as the life of a tribesman living in that area. Launching grenadess and mortars on those who are trying to protect installations just because they have orders to stand there all night is also injustice. Can we talk about what happens to those army personnel who are captured by the tribesmen. In Sardar's words 'they will not go back alive'

I support my troops but I don't support their involvement in politics. I support the people of my nation and willing to sacrifice but I am not willing to yield to extremism of any kind.

This table has been made out of the data given in recent Economic Survey of Pakistan. The pastprovincial spending trend are same as well. The first column shows the amount of money provinces recieve in their share out of total Federal Tax Revenue collection. The bottom half of table shows percapita figures for each province (in Pakistani Rs.). The population is also mesured in millions. The table here shows that per capita expenditure is highest in Balochistan while Sardars are instigating young Balochis in the name of "Marginalization". It shows that all the other provinces have been sacrificing as well for their brothers in other provinces.

One should keep in mind anywhere in the world where people take up arms against their own people rules are broken by both sides. So the best thing is to sit down and negotiate. Human life is more sacred than piece of land.

What North and South learned in their fight in America should be learnt by Pakistan as well. If we bury our hatchets we will be a prosperous nation. The way for dialogue should always be open. The young people of our nation want to do the dialogue and I urge all to bring them forward. Don't listen to those politicians who are surviving at the cost of our blood, listen to your mind and work for peace.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The War in Pakistan


I think the Earthquake 2005 took lot of heat off the militants and the Pakistan Army ended up moving its resources to East in Kashmir. This gave time to militants to reorganize themselves in Western Mountains on border with Afghanistan. I wish things can change for my country and we see less extremist influence.
The War in Pakistan: " President Bush famously declared that other countries must choose between supporting the United States and supporting terrorism, and that those that harbored al Qaeda would be treated as the enemy. In the years since, he has refrained from applying that tough principle in practice -- which is lucky for Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Ever since the war on terrorism began, this meretricious military ruler has tried to be counted as a U.S. ally while avoiding an all-out campaign against the Islamic extremists in his country, who almost surely include Osama bin Laden and his top deputies."

US Troops in India


May be Musharraf will end up explaining some drones flying out of Himalaya as well.
U.S. Troops on Front Line Of Expanding India Ties: "In the latest of a series of such exercises, 120 U.S. combat troops have come here to train with their Indian counterparts in areas such as counterinsurgency and peacekeeping. Besides taking classroom instruction, they are firing Indian weapons, bonding with Indian soldiers over games of soccer and volleyball, and even developing a taste for vegetarian cuisine, albeit with spices toned down for sensitive American palates."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bloggers call for Jill Carroll


I urge muslim bloggers to call for release of Jill Carroll and send a message across the globe through their web sites. I hope she is alive and meet her family. The Muslims of world should join this call as our prophet Mohammad urged not to harm the vulnerable especially women, childern, old, and all those who want to live in peace.
Jill Carroll: Former Islamic militant calls for her release (Christian Science Monitor): "Late Sunday evening (Monday morning in Iraq), Jill Carroll's father, Jim, made another plea for his daughter's release. In a brief interview on CNN, which was later broadcast on Al Jazeera, the Arab satellite television station, Mr. Carroll said, in part, 'When you release her alive, she will tell your story with the same conviction. Alive my daughter will not be silenced."

Indian history in shambles


Very interesting article.
India history spat hits US csmonitor.com: " In the halls of Sacramento, a special commission is rewriting Indian history: debating whether Aryan invaders conquered the subcontinent, whether Brahman priests had more rights than untouchables, and even whether ancient Indians ate beef."
Many people are not familiar with this fact that many Hindus start eating beef and meat when they arrive in US or other countries. However, back home it is considered an unforgiveable sin for them and in past Hindu extremits have killed Muslims in riots over slaughtering cows.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Latest on War on Terror in Pakistan


I would recommend reading the following articles. The articles #2 and 3 has a lot that one needs to know about the real situation in the tribal areas of Pakistan.
I believe the unilateral truce that Osama is offering is just because mercenaries want to reorganize themselves and hold a firm ground in tribal areas of Pakistan.
"You can draw the Afghan-Pakistan border on a map by looking at the pattern of signal intercepts," says one U.S. official. "The bad guys chatter away in Pakistan, feeling they are safe. That area lights up like a Christmas tree. Then they go silent when they cross into Afghanistan, where they fear getting hit."

Jihadist Mercenaries


These Jihadis are mercenaries. Prophet Mohammed never allowed to harm a woman, a child, an old man, priests as well as seekers of knowledge, even plants and vegetation. These so called Jihadis are merely mercenaries and pirates who have no respect for human life.
U.S.-Based Muslim Group Urges Reporter's Release: "Two members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights group, sought the release of Carroll, a 28-year-old freelancer for the Christian Science Monitor abducted Jan. 7 in Baghdad."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Peace in Iraq--Hopefully


I hope this will help achieve peace in this region. If we can have stability in Iraq then whole region will be able to see more progress and growth. The only thing left will be Iran where the new president is putting the efforts of previous moderate presidents in reverse gear.
Iraq Election Results Show Sunni Gains: "The results released by the national election commission represented no significant surprises, other than confirming the strength of the showing by the minority Sunni Arabs in a vote that will seat Iraq's first full-term parliament since the toppling of Saddam Hussein. Iraq's political, sectarian and ethnic factions have been waiting for formal release of the results as their cue to launch full-scale deal-making over the make-up of Iraq's next government."

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Eid-Ul-Azha Mubarik


Eid Mubarik to Friends and Family

Sunday, January 08, 2006

What's the Muslim Satan Like?


Very interesting and informative article by Mr. Engber.
What's the Muslim Satan Like? - Has he got a tail? By Daniel Engber: "What does he look like? Muslims don't have a clear iconography for Iblis, and there's no Shaitanic counterpart to the red-skinned, pitchfork-wielding demon of Christianity. During the hajj, Shaitan is represented by a featureless stone pillar or wall. Pilgrims 'stone Satan' by throwing rocks at the wall."

Update: By some divine intervention the link to this article was posted at the time when hundreds of people last their lives while stoning Satan this year in Saudi Arabia at the end of Haj. Hummm! They were their to kill Satan by stoning him to death (in the spiritual sense). I am not sure if Quran literally ask people to do this ritual as part of Haj. In fact there is a lot of talk going on about iconic blasphemy in the Muslim world in the wake of cartoons published by a Danish newspaper. The excuse Muslims have at the moment is that they don't use any icons in worship. So isn't stoning these pillars is iconic in the Muslim philosophy of purging sins and salvation?

Friday, January 06, 2006

It is not about deserving


Many remember Sharon as a brutal demagogic opportunist and consider that he desrved his most recent suffering. I would say that Sharon lived his life through and now there is age factor as well. It is not about what he desrved. For Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...I want to say only onething. Prophet Mohammad went to see his Jewish Neighbour during his illness and also took care of him and asked if he could help. In our prophet's tradition I will say to Sharon: Get Well Soon!
Iranian Leader, Evangelist Call Prime Minister's Illness Deserved: "The television evangelist Pat Robertson and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may not agree on much, but both suggested yesterday that the severe illness of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was deserved. Both men's comments were immediately condemned by religious leaders."
On a side note--I will add for those Muslims who are feeling kind of happiness on Sharon's illness. There is a famous sufi Saint in Pakistan who said
دشمن مرے تے خوشی نہ کریئے
سجناں وی مر جاناھو
Translation: Don't be joyful If your enemy is suffering, May be one day you will have the same fate.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dangerous TOT


The Continental Airlines agents think that 4 year old tot is going to blow himself up while TSA does not.

Terror-Tot: "HOUSTON -"They said, 'We need ID for your son.' I said, 'You're joking,' " said Houston resident Sijollie Allen, a 39-year-old payroll accountant. "The man said, 'No I'm very serious. It clearly stipulates I need ID for him.'
TSA regional spokeswoman Carrie Harmon said the agency tells airlines not to deny boarding to children under 12 or select them for extra security checks even if their names match ones on the list. "We do not require ID for children because there are no children on the list," Harmon said. "If it's a child, ticket agents have the authority to immediately de-select them."
"Is this a joke?" Allen recalled telling Continental Airlines agents Dec. 21 at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport. "You can tell he's not a terrorist."
I was subject to a similar joke as well. Infact we had two incidents.

  1. My father passed away in 2004 and I had to see off my mother from NY who was visiting me at that time. We bought oneway "First Class" tickets from Kansas to fly to NY from where she had to catch a flight abroad. We paid almost $600 for each ticket (a total of $1200) through United Airline. However flights were delayed in Chicago due to heavy snowfall and the airline started rerouting passengers on alternate flights. Twelve hrs had passed and everyone had been rerouted except us. By that time my mothers flight had already left from NY (what happened there was a different story) and she was very upset. So she made me asked the airline agent one more time about our chances to get to NY and he said you are not on priority. Frustrating was the answer-so I asked how priority is determined? He said from the price you pay and the flyer miles. I said what the hell-I am traveling first class and paid $600 approx for each ticket ---isn't that enough in price. He said our first class cabins are full at the moment. At that very moment my mother was crying so I told the agent look at the lady --her husband has passed away and she needs to go home from NY. Can't you even give us a seat in economyclass. I don't care about money, I can pay more. As I recall it know he said I may give her a seat but you may not get a seat as the flight is full. I said I don't care... my mom needs to travel I am just seeing her off form NY. So please give here a seat. The agent told me to wait---then called me after 10 minutes and reluctantly said we are giving seat to both of you in the economy class. You are lucky that you are going to board. As we were about to board the agent on the boarding gate checked the tickets --wondered for a moment--and asked why are you traveling in economy?--- you have first class tickets--- and then she decided to change the boarding pass to first class. See how they lied and told us that the first class is full. It was a perfect case of discrimination. Later I discovered that our tickets were marked "SSS" which means special security screening. They were putting this on everyone's ticket who was traveling one way becuase the threat level was raised to orange exactly that day (I remember watching news at airport) and my travel agent could not get me a return ticket, my mother was offcourse not coming back. And I was .... Are you kidding does this old woman who cannot even stand for more than five minutes and has a curved posture while walking due to back pain is a security threat? ----Even TSA tells them to use common sense but airlines do have bunch of stupid people on staff. The NY was different story PIA was not willing to reroute my mother so the travel agent has to board her on Air India flight to UK and from there she got onto PIA.
  2. My youngest son was less than year old traveling with my wife to Pakistan in May 2003. His First and middle name resembeled to a Middle Eastern Politician (Unfortunately! because of surnames my son ended up with that name that we did not realize). At the airport, the lady at the entrance to the departure lounge looked at the ticket and suddenly became Alert and asked out loud who is "Ham ___," Who is he, Where is he. She should have looked at the ticket it clearly said "Infant" (that my wife was carrying). My wife pointed out to her that this is the one sleeping on my shoulder (like an angel). When the TSA personal saw the infant she became calm and said---Oh!. By the way! that Middle Eastern Politician had already died by that time. Stupid Jerks....!!! I am not going to change my son's name TSA should better take classes of general knowledge and international relations. The story did not end there as they were about to baoard they almost stripped my kids to dipers for security search and the kids were crying so badly but no one bothered. The ages of the kids at that times were Elder: 1 year 9 month and Younger: 6 months. I saw an East European family in real screening trouble. Although they were non-Muslims but they had one suit case full of joggers and shoes. The agents checked each and every pair of shoe throughly before letting them go. By the time they cleared they had only fifteen minutes left to board. I recall that those days the threat level was high as well. When ever the threat level is high in US the brown skin people and Europeans are in real mess at airports.
I am dead sure about discrimination against Muslims when the alert level is high in US because of two reasons.
  • When I traveled back from NY to KS after seeing my mother off to Pakistan again a purchased a oneway ticket because I traveled on "Airtran" (they sell oneway). By that time the alert level was reduced and so they did not mark my ticket SSS.
  • I traveled couple of times after that with my family and luckily things were normal in US so the security screening was nothing more than routine.
  • One of my friend who was American citizen and had a Danish wife faced lot of problem as people would stare at him whenever he called his sons name which happened to be Osama... He named his son long time ago even when no one knew Osama at all. Finally, a year ago in order to avoid stereo types he migrated to his wife's country.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google Cube


The latest in News is that Google sponsored Under $100 laptop per child program at MIT and now the rumor is that the next big thing they are hoping is to provide $200 pc to everyone. People are asking questions if it will be economically feasible. I would say yes. It will be difinately a China thing.
Google's next trick ...: "Speculation is mounting that Google will this week unveil a no-frills personal computer costing as little as $200 " In a briefing note, Bear Stearns analyst Robert Peck said the US online giant would launch Google Cubes - simple network-based boxes that could link and control home entertainment, computer and automation systems.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

MIT Media Lab: $100 Laptop


This is truly an amazing invention. I would say that bigger companies like Dell, IBM, and Apple should have thought about this. And above all Bill and Melinda Gate's (Microsoft) charity and "investing in childern" (as they call it) by promoting easy learning drive is not enough until they come up with something really affordable in terms of computing products that are affordable by students in developing countries and poor neighborhoods. Otherwise all the charity will be considered an EyeWash.
MIT Media Lab: $100 Laptop: "The MIT Media Lab has launched a new research initiative to develop a $100 laptop-a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children. To achieve this goal, a new, non-profit association, One Laptop per Child (OLPC), has been created. The initiative was first announced by Nicholas Negroponte, Lab chairman and
co-founder, at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland in January 2005."

Monday, January 02, 2006

Experienced in Flirt, deceit, playing with feelings and ...


Seems like she was not experienced in all the bad things but people said many things to her that she did not deserve....but on what basis? I was reading and it seemed like an image that I have seen before. Looking at past year in retrospect; I got all these names from different friends except that I am a guy and some of the names are reserved for guys only..... But.. Same question I have... On what basis?
Junooni v-5 : Broken Trust.: "Give me a moment right now to clear something; some LABELS that people have given me.
Flirt: First things first; the people who gave me this label happen to be the same people who I could've flirted with. Secondly, you people call me a FLIRT on WHAT basis?"

A heart wrenching story


Read this story. It is going to hurt you so bad.... You cannot imagine the suffering of a mother. She believes they are still alive.... I doubt, given Syrian atrocities.
Mothers Press Issues of War That Lebanese Want to Forget: "BEIRUT -- On this morning, as on every morning since Oct. 17, 1985, Audette Salem cleaned the rooms of her son and daughter. She left his razor, toothbrush and comb as they were on the day her children were abducted from the streets of Beirut during Lebanon's civil war. She fiddled with her daughter's makeup and straightened her bed. She dusted the three guitars, the papers still on their desks and the pack that holds a 20-year-old cigarette, the artifacts of two lives interrupted.
'Everything is there as they left it,' she said. 'I haven't changed a thing, nothing at all. It's all still there.'"

India on way to progress


I hope they will change their slums too. It is a striking contrast, I must say.
In India, Engineering Success: "The classroom of the future will feature electronic white boards. The teachers of the future will write equations on these boards with electronic pens. And the students of the future won't have to choose between concentrating on the teacher and scribbling the equations into notebooks. They will devote all their energy to listening, then download the equations straight into the laptops they've plugged into their desks.
Okay, that isn't quite right. The classroom I'm describing is not some figment of the future. It's the reality I visited a month ago at the Vellore Institute of Technology."