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Monday, January 30, 2006

Islamabad vs Washington.


If Washington thinks that only a General like Musharraf can deliver the peace then they are wrong and must get their policy documents re-examined by South Asian historians. Co-operating with military regimes have only brought more trouble to US in terms of public popularity in Pakistan. Among democratic leaders Ms. Benazir Bhutto dealt with the situation in Sindh, during her reign, with an "Iron Hand". She is expected to deal with the extremism with same determination. The only problem she has is that she cannot deal with her husband easily who has an apatite for plundering Pakistan's resources (that makes her a typical subjugated Pakistani woman). I use to drive by the backyard of Prime Minister house while commuting to my university in Pakistan. I saw all the earth moving equipment moved from the Islamabad interchange project to level the hills behind prime minister house for a polo ground. Her hubby treated the PM house as his private property. He thought he is going to live their forever. Why he could not go to Polo facilities in Rawalpindi or fly to Gilgit to play polo in much serene and picturesque land?

These days BB is in Washington, hoping to change Washington's views. She has called everyone (PPP Supporters, I mean) for an urgent meeting (including one of my dear friends). I assume The Watan Dost guy will be there as well and deliver some good inside news and hopes as he was there last time when she called a meeting in Boston.

VIA WATANDOST: Inside News About Pakistan: "One crucial reason General Musharraf gets so little pressure from the Bush administration about restoring democracy is the almost universal assumption in Washington that only a dictator can deliver Pakistani military cooperation."
I believe that there is big political activity going on as far as Pakistan is concerned as Mr. Nawaz Sharif has also decided to step out of closet and is talking about the rape of his government at the hands of Musharraf. Probably Washington has given a signal to both deposed and exiled ex-PMs of Pakistan about shifting gears. (I have not found much coverage in Pakistani newspapers, you know Pakistani press is free always says Musharraf.... but.....).


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