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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Get Well Soon!


I wish Ariel Sharon get well soon. In my native land of pure (Pakistan) I can be condemned by the Right for saying this. However, the so called righteous and Jew hatters do not remember that our Prophet Muhammad use to pay visit to his Jewish neighbor regularly and especially when he was ill. It is a prophetic tradition which is gone now among Muslims. They rather use extreme rhetoric against Jews e.g. Mr. Ahmadinejad. However, our government has taken some positive measures in building relation with Israel. I hope Steven Spielberg's skepticism about peace proves unfounded and the New Year brings us some Happy News as Sharon has vowed to bring peace to the embattled region.

WORLD IN BRIEF: "Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will undergo a medical procedure in coming weeks to repair a small hole in his heart, his doctors said Monday during a news
conference called to explain why he suffered a stroke last week.


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