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Monday, January 02, 2006

A heart wrenching story


Read this story. It is going to hurt you so bad.... You cannot imagine the suffering of a mother. She believes they are still alive.... I doubt, given Syrian atrocities.
Mothers Press Issues of War That Lebanese Want to Forget: "BEIRUT -- On this morning, as on every morning since Oct. 17, 1985, Audette Salem cleaned the rooms of her son and daughter. She left his razor, toothbrush and comb as they were on the day her children were abducted from the streets of Beirut during Lebanon's civil war. She fiddled with her daughter's makeup and straightened her bed. She dusted the three guitars, the papers still on their desks and the pack that holds a 20-year-old cigarette, the artifacts of two lives interrupted.
'Everything is there as they left it,' she said. 'I haven't changed a thing, nothing at all. It's all still there.'"


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