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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

When Wombs Become Bombs


A good article giving insight into women suicide bombers By Mia Bloom, the author of "Dying to Kill." However, I encourage Muslim women to take up the role of Mukhtar Mai instead of becoming suicide Bombers. Mukhtar Mai should be a role model for all Muslim women who have suffered abuse. She is among honored Asia's Heroes by Time Magazine's International Edition. On a related side note: There are people out there trying to capitalize on her name by reserving URL and linking it to search engine; waiting for someone to pay them to buy the URL so sad to see these sociopaths.

Terror's stealth weapon: women - Los Angeles Times: "Arab feminists argue that women
want to show that they are as dedicated to the cause as their brothers, sons and fathers.

What is so compelling about why women become suicide bombers is that so many claimed to have been raped or sexually abused by enemy forces, according to interviews with those who knew them. Once dishonored, they are no longer marriageable. Joining a terrorist group is one of the few remaining options for women who, according to the strict honor code followed in some Islamic societies, must otherwise be executed by their own families."


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