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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My eyes are burning-Karachi too


I had a tough night preparing earthquake presentation for my university's international week. It was hard to control emotions while I was going through pictures and details of the earthquake. I was having a hard time keeping my self sane enough and suddenly the news flashed on TV about Bombing in Karachi. Earlier it was reported that Islamists have done the job.

Top News Article Reuters.com: "A car bomb exploded outside a KFC fast-food restaurant in the Pakistani city of Karachi on Tuesday, killing three people and wounding 15 in an attack thought to have been carried out by Islamist militants, police and
doctors said."

Sepoy has just noted down under collateral damage that Balochistan Liberation Army has admitted the wrong doing and target was Pakistan Petro Ltd's office located above KFC. People of Pakistan are not going to forgive BLA so easily especially in this difficult time. Earlier people thought it was about provincial rights but now I would say it is plain terrorism (search the Watandost's archives for Balochistan and BLA articles).

The collateral damage is usually used in terms of damage to the parties themselves who are on offensive for good cause or damage to the neutrals who are caught into line of fire.
It was pure terrorism.

Mr. Bugti shame on you and your followers and the countries that are sponsoring your struggle and brokered peace recently. Everyone knows who brokered peace, the powerful friends in world. I hope powerful friends are listening and will not accept BLA's apology about hitting KFC as collateral damage. Terrorism is terrorism.


  • I must confess to having a soft spot for the Baloch nationalist cause..did you know hundreds of Baloch student activists have been rounded up over the last 2 years? It's barely been mentioned in the National press but it is well known..neverthless the bomb blast in Karachi was pointless and the people involved should be punished.

    By Blogger Zak, at Wednesday, November 16, 2005 5:54:00 AM  

  • I know but armed activism has to be met be detered. Who is filling it's coffers onthe expense of Baloch nationalism. These studetns are just misled.

    I believe in general amnesty for BLA if they give up armed struggle. The tyrants do not let people reap profits from development. The Sandak project and other things could have given a lot to Baloch population if 'Sardars' do not take away all the money. They are just exploiting people's sensitivites through dirty politics and tribalism. I do understand that Balochistan was ignored on in Past but it all owes to Khans and Sardars who filled their coffers not only in British period but after the independence as well. THey are the ones who are more responisble because they spent that many in UK on their education (which off course did not change their mind set) rather than spending the money on their people.

    By Blogger E Mullah الیکٹرونک مُلا, at Wednesday, November 16, 2005 3:53:00 PM  

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