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Friday, November 18, 2005

Not only odd but inhumane too


I wanted to include the image here as well but then I cannot be that inhumane. This is not art this is just ridiculing human body after death. There are better ways to teach anatomy. Totally repulsive, bizarre, outlandish and sick idea.

Cadaver Exhibition Raises Questions Beyond Taste - New York Times: "The jaunty fellow with the
conductor's baton waving in one hand stands on a pedestal seemingly lost in the music. But there are a few startlingly odd things about this tall, lithe gentleman: He is dead, his skin has been methodically ripped away and there is a pinkish void where his viscera are supposed to be. Besides a few supporting segments of muscle, bone and ligament, the man has been rendered into a web of white spindly nerves."


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