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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

IRAQ, Bush and Cheney Quagmire


More and more is coming out about Iraq and 9/11 and the GOP is getting into difficulties. AS GOP is getting under intense fire by Murtha and Bush's handling of the Iraq has fallen well below 40 as well as his Job approval ratings the GOP has come up with Padillia indictment in such a "hi fi" manner that they do it for high value targets only. I don't believe they will succeed in an eye wash because everyone knows that he was kept for three year on a dirty bomb charge and now the admin is just trying to avoid high court show down as MSNBC says. The new charges are about helping terrorist cells and waging Jihad in US. Similar charges are filed in Surprisingly "non hi fi" manner against Hamid Hayyat in California. It seems like that the administration is trying to divert media attention. Earlier the media was not taking up these issues loudly but as the President approval ratings are dropping the media has started covering more stories in a liberal manner to reflect US public sentiment. Seems like Sheehan factor is working.
Our sons made the ultimate sacrifice and we want answers. All we're asking is that he sacrifice an hour out of his five-week vacation to talk to us, before the next mother loses her son in Iraq. -- Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas
Seems like Iraqis will be solving their own problems and heat on GOP will become intense. Now the Iraqis are demanding a timetable to troops withdrawal. It seems like it will really get worse for GOP before it will cool off. The media had been under fire especially Al-Jazeera by Blair and Bush and hopefully media is going to show their muscle as well. We know what role media has played in Nixon's Watergate scandal. I guess I was right in saying that anyone from media who tried to cover massacre in Iraq was punished in some how. Not only Al-Jazeera but Italians suffered too and some of the independent US media as well which was not embedded with the US troops. I guess this Al-Jazeera bombing, use of Phosphorus on Iraqi Civilians and call by Murtha will not be silenced easily.

Media is going to take this heat further. Recently, my local TV station showed a documentary "And Now This" the emphasis was "9/11 Omission Report:" Things that were deliberately left out of the 9/11 commission report. The documentary alleged that the commission was so called bipartisan as the commission was commanded by GOP favorites. Very, Very informative documentary! I will try to get a copy for my father in law who write newspaper columns.

Let's see which way the wind blows, only time will tell. It seems like the political wrangling is really getting ugly and dirty right now.


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