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Monday, November 21, 2005

Kind of ODD! Is it tag system or what?


I am not sure how the Tag system works at Technorati but just found something odd today. I checked my bloglog and seems like someone came to my website by searching insurgent websites. I am far away from that.... LOL!

I tried it my self but could not find my website in the search using these terms.
I am including a snapshot of bloglog that shows where surfers came from. Click on picture to enlarge.

(all above from Nov 18, 2005)

Update Nov 21, 2005
On the side note: If these searches are run by agents in CIA or FBI trying to find "insurgent websites" then typing these words in search engine would only turn up all pages which have used these words in text. That would be a stupid "keyword" to search. They should ratehr search Fatawas or the solgans that extremist use to find their website.

Latest: On Nov 21 I checked my bloglog and some one has came to my wrbsite searching for
"riligious porn movies." .... LOL!

I ran the search and my website is there in the list without any highlighted words, so I don't know why it showed up when there are no related words in there.

Anyone! any word on that?


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