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Saturday, November 12, 2005

South Asia Earthquake Relief's Bid


South Asia Earthquake relief has requested that we must do some effort to increase media coverage South Asian earthquake so that world community gets a wake up call through media coverage and help survivors.

The have designed a very impressive effort. Please click on this link SAQuake. It takes you to their web site. On the web site please enter your zip code and it will automatically bring up the news / media channels / outlets in your area. Just send them a letter by one click. That's it! you don't need to do much. The letter is already compiled. If you want you can compse your own message as well.

By checking out the media outlets in my area, I realized that many of them has not given any coverage to South Asia earthquake. Using SAQuake I have reached the media outlets in my area. It is very impressive. Thanks Ayesha.

Here is the message

Dear Friends:

Thank you first of all for being on the 'receiving end' of our many emails and messages. Your help, attention and responses have been having impact on many levels as far as getting more attention from Congress, President Bush, corporations and now more media outlets. Continued and collective efforts can only allow the millions of survivors of the Earthquake disaster in South
Asia to have some better chance of 'surviving' the 'second wave of deaths' brought on by the harsh winter descending rapidly upon them.

Please visit
www.saquake.org for links to initiatives in action....

We have all been asking ourselves the same question forthe past month: How can we get the Media's attention to keep theearthquake story alive in the news?Members of the
SQUAKE.ORG alliance organizations
have confirmation thatnational media outlets like USA Today get 800-1000 letters every weekout of which they print a select few. So what would happen if a mediaoutlet were to get 10,000 letters on the same topic within a few days?
Let's try to get 10,000 people to send in letters over the next few daysand it might just do the trick. And its very easy to do. This is howit works:The
SAQUAKE.ORG Web Team has installed
a special software on our website(
www.saquake.org) that will allow anyone to send a pre-written letter to five media outlets through a few clicks of the mouse. Simply go to thewebsite (www.saquake.org) and enter your zip code. A list of all the national and local media outlets that cover your area will come up. Yousimply click the five media outlets of your choice and a
pre-writtenletter (which you can edit or replace) will be sent to those mediaoutlets by following a few simple steps. The entire process takes less than one minute. Since there are a large number of media outletslisted, you can repeatedly go to the website and send letters to fiveadditional media outlets every time you do it.
SAQUAKE.ORG 's media consultants have recommended that we concentrate ourefforts and send letters to these five major news organizations: 1) New York Times2) Washington Post3) Wall Street Journal 4) USA Today5) LA TimesLets have our collective voices be heard in the media circles. Pleasego to www.saquake.org and tell the media
companies to do better.And forward this e-mail to those you you believe share your passion tomake a difference.Thank You for everything you are doing to save precious lives in the earthquake affected areas.Regards-- Aisha

Help Earthquake Relief Efforts Now

Go to: http://ww.saquake.org,


http://helppakistannow.blogspot.com For Relief Info, Act to Help, and Appeals to leaders


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