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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saddam still has US friends!


A new twist in Saddam trial. I am surprised that Saddam still has US friends. Although war in Iraq was unjustified as it was based on forged WMD evidence but I don't have sympathies with a tyyrant.

Clark Arrives to Assist Saddam Defense - Yahoo! News: "Clark has been advising nearly a
dozen international lawyers on Saddam's defense team. He has contended that Saddam's rights have been violated in the legal process following his capture. But a U.S. government official close to the court said the defense team had not filed the proper paperwork to have a non-Iraqi lawyer in the courtroom."

On the other hand I do respect Saddam's Lawyer's point of view and he should get protection so that he can do his job peacefully.

Al-Dulaimi says the details of his more than 10 visits with Saddam in Camp Cropper are too
humiliating to discuss, for both himself and his client. Al-Dulaimi says he had always been opposed to Saddam when the dictator was in power, but he so resented watching a foreign power invade his country that he decided to defend Saddam in court. Al-Dulaimi intends to prove that the tribunal is illegal because it was set up under occupation.

On the side note: Iraq's Ex-PM says that Human Rights abuses in Iraq are as bad as Hussains era.
Well! by looking ta news reports I would say they seem to be worse than that.


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