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E Mullah الیکٹرونک مُلا

Friday, March 13, 2009

Darkness Prevails


Darkness prevails! The biggest democratic party has started cracking down on judiciary and media. Though Billawal Bhutto or his rep claims that it has not happened on his father/Mr Pres/Zardari's directive yet I am unable to watch GEO News on my cable TV for last 12 hrs. What a shame!

ANP also lost sanity by imposing 144 in NWFP. Tsk! tsk! Champions of democracy have fallen back on their drawn swords hurting themselves.

Yesterday, I wrote about expected fallout from PPP after March 16, 2009; however it has happened much earlier than expected with Sherry Rehman's resignation from information minister post.

PPP Hijacked


Pakistan People's Party has been hijacked by people who do not even know its struggle, history, and the cause it stood for.

Fall out within PPP is an evidence of the chaos the country and its torch bearer of democracy are in right now. PPP is going to face a bigger challenge from with in after the long march on March 16th, 2009.

God may save this country.