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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pakistani Professor led new development in Mathematics


Why I should not be proud of you? Keep up the good work and tell the people of world Pakistanis are no less than anyone else.

You cannot imagine where this Dr. Aftab Khan is working from? Gilgit, a region which is sometimes literally cutoff from the rest of the World. Living amid barren mountains in sub zero temperatures is not easy. The internet access is some times like a rocky road and if you mail a book or journal to that part of world it seems like it has taken ages to reach the destination. The scholarship of Dr. Khan must be lauded and the government should provide him exceptional funds for research.

I worked in Gilgit for Aga Khan Education Foundation for one month back in 1997 and just ran for Islamabad as I was not used to living in such isolation and infact I wanted to get admissions abroad for a PhD and it seemd like it will take years to communicate with the rest of the World. Oh Boy! was I wrong? I salute you Mr. Khan.

Here is the news excerpt from the News Pakistan...
GILGIT: Chairman Department of Mathematics, Karakuram International University Professor Dr Aftab Khan has become one of the few Pakistanis who invented a formula in the field of physics and the mathematics in recent times. Professor Dr Aftab Khan, who is currently heading Mathematics Department at KIU Gilgit has published several research works, and two of his research papers were published by Springer Verlag, New York, which even challenged the results of renowned Indian mathematician and proved him wrong. "The field Dr Khan explored is known as continuous normal probability distribution function. While studying on secant hyperbolic function Dr Aftab Khan found that the function has some common properties as that of Gaussian function. For example their shapes are same and both are even functions. When it is studied as continuous normal probability distribution function, it is found that area under the curve has some value. Mean is zero whereas variance also has a value. Moments and other properties of the function were studied and compared with the results of the Gaussian function. It was found that area under the curve is greater than the Gaussian function. It is claimed that this function will introduce a new chapter in the subject of Statistics,' said Professor Aftab Khan, the Editor in Chief of International Journal of Applied and" ...........

The consequences of not endorsing fatwa on banning sucide attacks


Five killed in attack on Karachi mosque -DAWN - Top Stories; May 31, 2005

It is very disturbing to hear news like this from Pakistan. I wish all the religious parties in Pakistan as well as Muslim scholars in the world had endorsed the 'fatwa' issued by some Pakistani scholars on preventing suicide attacks and sectarian killings. Those who did not endorse the fatwa for preventing such attacks must be ashamed of themselves. They could have averted this disaster by their words. They should see the consequences of their religious bigotry.

How dare they think that "the kingdom of heaven" will be given to them for killing innocent people. The blood of innocent people will be on the neck of not only those who carry out these attacks but also on the scholars (Mullahs) who endorse these attacks. Whenever I see these things going on in my country my heart feels the pain and my soul bleeds equally for people of both sects, shitte and sunni, who are brutally murdered in sectarian violences.