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Monday, February 28, 2005

Pakistan cricket gurus forced Indians to change the cricket game's inagural plan


India is a free and soverign country and if they choose to do something on their home land which is in no way harmful to the soverignity of Pakistan then I dont think there should have been any objection to it by Pakistan Cricket Control Board. I guess China is more concerned about the geo political games in the Asian region than cricket games.

Sony Middle east is looking for boosting sales


Someone has posted a note on Vodoo Extreme that Sony Middle east is making new game titles to boost middle east video game sales and one of the titles is emullah! LOL.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

No one is clean in that purists hole


Whatever happened to Shazia Khalid is so embarrassing for so called inhabitants of the land of pure that I did not want to discuss it here in the first place. The reason is that her family is already passing through enormous pain. Public discussions about her ill fate will make it worse for her and her family. However, I feel that I must remind my fellow purists (Pakistanis) that terror has rigned before in the political corridors of Pakistan. Few years back no justice was brought to Veena Hayat the duaghter of Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan yet her father was once a powerful man. Unfortunately, I see the same here in this case as well unless a miracle occurs and some Allah fearing justices come forward and punish the wrong doers. I have no sympathy with Mr. President’s (Musharraf’s) policy neither with Mr. Bugtti’s (Baluchi tribesman) stand on this.

A few years back in 1990’s a major social crises was highlighted by human rights organizations in Pakistan. It was brought to record that the tribal tyrants would abuse their own women and then blame it on their enemies so that they can go to war and kill their enemy tribes. I am not accusing anyone only God knows better but I don’t see anyone clean in that hole. So let's see who benifits from this crisis (You may say that I am proposing a conspiracy theory but that's how my country is always run).

Soccer Ball Will Use Chip to Track Field Goals


Here comes new competition for my city's (Sialkot, Pakistan's) soccer ball makers. The industry in sialkot had not been very dynamic however they did try to change the production process over the years. China, Taiwan and other countries are producing Soccer Balls on machines but my city fellows produce hand made, hand sewen soccer balls. The result: Hand made Soccer balls were found to be of superior quality. If you remmber the world cup soccer ball named Tango was made in Sialkot. There was one problem however that child labor was increasing till 1989 on the pretext that skill soccer ball workers need to be trained at a younger age to produce superior quality products. Now the industry has over come child labor with the help of UNICEF, UNDP and ILO

Found in
Yahoo news reported by AP

CARDIFF, Wales - A soccer ball containing a microchip that beeps when it crosses the goal line will be tested at this year's under-17 world championship.
AFP/File Photo

The International Football Association Board, which makes the rules for world soccer, agreed to the trial Saturday at its annual general meeting. The microchip ball, which was produced in part by Adidas, was used in a game between Nuremberg and Nuremberg reserves on Wednesday in Germany. When the ball crosses the line, the microchip transmits a signal to a watchlike device on the referee's wrist, making either a beep or vibration. "Not a day goes by without technology making progress,"
FIFA president Sepp Blatter said. "We therefore have a duty to at least examine whether new technology could be used in football.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

E Mullah


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