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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Vicky's Rambling


Just checked Vicky's blog and his rambling on "Tomorrow: To know if there will be a tomorrow is to know if the next step you take is the right one." Oh you are pulling me back to poetry and mysticism that matrialism took away from me when I joined the professional life. For me, Even if tomorrow is not the right or better step than yeserday it just makes me realize that tomorrow has opened up like a new window. You look outside and it's a different world. Oh I love that new world every day. If it is not new, I try to paint something new on life's canvas. Also reminds me Wazir Agha's beautiful prose "Kell" (translated as tomorrow). I started writting in his footstep although I never tried to publish much. However, I sent one of my "Inshiya" to him for "Awraq." He wrote back that it is a beautiful "Inshiya" and he is saving for a future edition. I left for USA and don't even know when it was published. Now! since in US, I have not been writing for a while----I guess---need to repaint the canvas.


  • Haha, thanks for your comment!

    Well, that was just a thought when I think about the Earthquake victims.

    It's like if they knew what Tomorrow held for them, maybe they would've then equipted themselves better.

    Just as we don't know that the next step we take is ALWAYS the right one, the same way we don't know what TOMORROW may have in store for us.

    I think you should get the canvas moving; and do enlighten me with a few as well.

    -See ya!

    By Blogger Viks, at Thursday, December 08, 2005 1:47:00 PM  

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