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Monday, December 05, 2005

CIA Mistake or Macedonian Blunder


I would call this a "Macedonian Blunder". The Macedonians are not on the War on Terrorism Map so they just wanted their piece of pie (only to get embarrassment later; Same way India did some stupid things when Pakistan joined War on Terror).
By the way, I loved to take long drives especially after having arguments with my wife. It gives you time to relax and look back and evaluate. By the time the long drive is over you are relaxed a lot and wife is waiting. One night I drove from Kansas to St. Louis, MO and I was planning to go further to Chicago (I had already driven 7 hrs). Then I thought it is better to inform my wife about my whereabouts. So I called her and she said "Honey why you did not tell me that you are going to "Chicago" on your long drive--you should have taken me along. Oh Boy! I took a u-turn for home and never went alone to Chicago. Thanks God! I was not in Macedonia.
You may ask why people go for long drives when they have arguments with their wife? Well there is a joke that you may read below after this news snippet that prompted this post.

Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA Mistake: "Unbeknown to Masri, the Macedonians had contacted the CIA station in Skopje. The station chief was on holiday. But the deputy chief, a junior officer, was excited about the catch and about being able to contribute to the counterterrorism fight, current and former intelligence officials familiar with the case said." "The Skopje station really wanted a scalp because everyone wanted a part of the game," a CIA officer said. Because the European Division chief at headquarters was also on vacation, the deputy dealt directly with the CTC and the head of its al Qaeda unit.
In the first weeks of 2004, an argument arose over whether the CIA should take Masri from local authorities and remove him from the country for interrogation, a classic rendition operation. The director of the al Qaeda (CIA's) unit supported that approach. She insisted he was probably a terrorist, and should be imprisoned and interrogated immediately.
Others were doubtful. They wanted to wait to see whether the passport was proved fraudulent. Beyond that, there was no evidence Masri was not who he claimed to be -- a German citizen of Arab descent traveling after a disagreement with his wife. The unit's director won the argument. She ordered Masri captured and flown to a CIA prison in Afghanistan."
The Joke

There was a guy and his wife came to know through reliable source that her husband is having the fun of a lifetime at a bachelor's party with friends somewhere in a club. She got ready and armed to teeth with a ladel to beat him up when he comes home.

The husband came home late--when tried to sneak in saw the lights on and wife ready with a ladle in her hand. So he hid in a closet.

An hour or so the wife put the ladle down and talking to herself if he comes home know I will just give him really Hard time. Another hour passes she says--Oh God where is he, If he comes home know I will just ask only once why did he go their and do all ....dash...dash... ?

Another hour passes and she is Oh God! If he comes home I wont say a word. Then by morning she starts praying Oh lord! Where is he, I hope he is alright. If he comes home now I wont say a word. The husband listened to her prayer sneaked out, climbed out of the window and knocked the door. And ...! They lived happily ever after.

Well Masari's story is no joke!
See how they contemplated to cover it up in a lousy way without any apology.

Back at the CTC, Masri's passport was given to the Office of Technical Services to analyze. By March, OTS had concluded the passport was genuine. The CIA had imprisoned the wrong man.
At the CIA, the question was: Now what? Some officials wanted to go directly to the German government; others did not. Someone suggested a reverse rendition: Return Masri to Macedonia and release him. "There wouldn't be a trace. No airplane tickets. Nothing. No one would believe him," one former official said. "There would be a bump in the press, but then it would be over."
Well! in the end to some extent it is owed to stupid extremist Muslims as well as their wrongful actions are making life miserable for innocnet people like Masari. On the otherhand CIA and other authorities need to be more insightful and less anxious while stereo typing everyone.

Just a name should have not raised such a big alarm and caused so much trouble. I have a personal experience too. My youngest son was year old traveling with my wife to Pakistan in May 2003. His First and middle name is ..... and last J.... At the airport, the lady at the entrance to the deparure lounge looked at the ticket and suddenly became Alert and started asking loudly who is "A____ ____," Who is he, Where is he. She should have looked at the ticket it clearly said "Infant" (that my wife was carrying). My wife pointed out to her that this is the one sleeping on my shoulder (like an angel). When the TSA personal saw the infant she became calm. By the way! the Arab politician with similar name had already died by that time... What a stupid .... !!! I am not going to change his name, the airline personnel should better take classes in general knowledge and international relations.


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