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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Situation Room


I am listening to the Situation Room on CNN after president Bush's Speech. This guy senator Peter King (R) New York being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room keep repeating word "Islamic Terrorism" ... ...Gosh he does not know the difference between Islam and Muslims. If Christians commit terrorism do we say Christian Terrorism..... ? Why do people elect ignorant people? (Read Pres Speech in full text here if you have missed it).

Wolf Blitzer also interviewed two people whose sons have died in Iraq. One form right and one from left. The guy "Al Zappala" said after the speech I feel that my Son died for all the wrong reasons. The woman "Georgette Frank" did not care about her son's death and thought it was justified. She further said all the countries like UK, and France joined us. Excuse me! Why did people changed the name of French Fries. They were after French toast and French Kiss as well. To those who wanted to change the name for French Kiss....Ahh!! why do you hate the French Kiss....? Want some Viagra!!!


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