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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stupid Bootlegger


I faced the problem of stealing final exam by some students for the first time in my academic career. Some good students informed me about the incident without disclosing the name of the culprit. It was very frustrating as I had to write a new exam at the eleventh hour. One of the students who was familiar without the issue sent me this video link Stolen Laptop about a thief who stole an exam but made many mistakes that identified him (thanks for sending me this its funny).

Now! I believe I have identified the student who was involved in bootlegging my exam because of a stupid mistake he made. After the exam one student wrote an email asking me that as I did not make an announcement about changing the questions, is it going to count against him because he was not there today (Strange equestion he asked though. Probably he was afraid and did not show up in the exam and was trying to tell me that he did not take the exam voluntarily. He is assuming that I have not changed the exam as I did not announce in the incident in class. Further it appears to me that he wants to know if I was going to take any specific action against him yet he has not shown up in exam). I am thinking at the moment what to do with him. Students who reported the theft earlier do not want to verify the name and want to stay anonymous. I think by not showing up in the final is enough for him because he won't pass the course.


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