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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Cyber Abode


These days I can be found here and here. Over the holidays I had build template for my Urdu blog. Urdu is my first language. As Urdu is new on web therefore it was a very hectic and tricky task. I am not done yet but it is ready to roll. My friends who have Firefox cannot read it because I ended up incorporating a bug and Firefox users said yesterday that they cannot read it anymore. I was unable to locate the bug. A cyber friend has volunteered to help with the bug. If you know Urdu then feel free to visit http://zubaan.blogspot.com. You need IE for best viewing. If you see strange fonts then follow these easy steps.
1. On IE menu click VIEW
2. Click on Encoding
3. Click on More
4. Select UICODE (UTF-8)

If it does not help much you may need to install some urdu fonts from here.


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