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Friday, December 30, 2005

Heinous crime


Killing people who are seeking knowledge is much more heinous than killing ordinary people. If Muslim terrorists are committing this then they may not find peace in hereafter. The message of Quran is very clear that during Wars leave alone; plants, old, young and women, those who seek refuge and those who are praying and those who are in seek of knowledge. In war fight only, to defend yourself, against those who raise weapons to kill you. And there was no war going on in that scientific conference. For the Sake of Allah stop killing innocent people.
Gunmen Open Fire at Conference in India, Killing Scientist: "Police set up roadblocks Thursday in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, seeking to apprehend gunmen who opened fire at an elite science institute and killed a retired professor.
The attack occurred late Wednesday as participants left an auditorium during an annual conference at the Indian Institute of Science, one of the country's leading research centers. A retired professor from New Delhi's Indian Institute of Technology, M.C. Puri, was killed and four other scientists were injured, police said."


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