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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Evil Ideology IV


Another manifestation of evil ideology (in Bold).

In Jordanian Case, Hints of Iraq Jihad Networks - New York Times: "Those images showed the toppling of a Sunni Arab-led government, ultimately in favor of the majority Shiites. Like nearly all Jordanian Arabs, Mr. Horani and his family are Sunni. 'He hates the Shiites,' Mrs. Rahman said.
But unlike so many other young men who may also be angered by such television images, Mr. Horani and his friends chose to join the fight in April 2003. It was a decision that appears to have been quickly made.
'We were in the mosque and we all said, 'Lets go do jihad,' ' recalled Abdul Kareem Saraqoush, 39, who was part of the group along with his younger brother Khalid, who remains in jail among those accused."


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