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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Comments on The violence that lies in every ideology by Jason Burke


In my opinion Jason Burke has the right to say whatever he wants to say but it does not mean that his definitions or interpretations are correct.

Dear Jason In order to have ears among Muslims you need to define things properly. A more knowledgeable person would say

"Islam is a religion of peace that has to accept that it's misled followers can breed terror."

But how does Islam accept this; Islam is not a person. Muslims should accept this that wrong interpretations of Islamic injection can bread terror. Probably that would be a better statement. Islam is a religion of Peace and there is no doubt about it. However we must remember that violence is committed by the followers not the religion.

Guardian Unlimited: The violence that lies in every ideology: "Like most beliefs, Islam is a religion of peace that has to accept that it can also breed terror "

In the end Jason Burke concludes . . .

"Islam is a religion of peace - and sometimes of violence."

"Jesus Christ" correctly named "Essa" Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) in the Islamic Ideology is the most reverend prophet of Islam. He is respected in the same way as Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). As we learn from bible about Jesus he taught his disciples to be non violent. The religion itself teaches non violence however its followers can commit crimes. The crimes which were committed in Europe during Dark Ages. And Muslims today are almost committing same crimes for which once Europe lived under the dark ages.

The Muslims become very defensive when the words like Evil Ideology are ascribed to the subsets of Muslim faith. However, before being on the defensive side we must remember that Islamic Ideology is not an evil ideology but different ideologies with in Muslim thought are based on wrong principles and are breeding evil. It would be very untrue to say that Quran is silent about the evil ideology breeding among Muslims. In fact, the concept of "Fitnah" (sometimes spelled as “Fitna”) can be clearly ascribed to the concept of Evil Ideology.

I must say the sub sets of Muslim Faith that pitch Muslims (Sunni) against Muslim (Shiite); the fatawas that promote suicide bombing; the fatwas that promote the killing of innocent in return for annihilation of innocent lives in war are the concepts creating Fitnah (Evil Ideology).

These days I don’t have much time to write but as a note I add here that Islam does not permit Suicide (it is ascribed as a great sin). Under any circumstances suicide is not consistent with Islamic belief. The act of suicide it self comes out of desperation which probably teaches the committer that there is no hope and only way out is suicide. Remember pessimism is considered as another sin in Islamic Ideology. Islam in now way purports “Evil Ideologies” however its followers do.

Udate 9:26 pm:

word of caution for Muslims: It has become common practice among Muslims to call Jews and Christians "Kafir" Infidels. The practice of labeling some one "Kafir" is not only breading hate among Muslims (e.g. Shiites and Sunnis) but also among believers of different faiths. Quran has rather used this word for Idol worshipers. For other believers it uses the word "Mushirk" means those who associate partners in deity.

Regarding Christians and Jews Quran warn us to that we (Muslims) argue not with them about religion. If we have to discuss religion with them then we do it in best manner (the best manner refers to a civilized, intellectual, educated, and learned way of discussion rather than fighting).

If I am wrong then let me know.

I will definitely write more on this.


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