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Monday, July 25, 2005

Which Ideology is This? II


I searched the internet for "Evil Ideology" and found two interesting articles. It is worthwhile to note how news spread and how the words are interpreted? One writer Mohammed A. R. Galadari for Khaleej Times writes in his article Who created the 'evil ideology'

DEAR readers, it will be educative to find out who created the monster of terrorism that Tony Blair and others calls the "evil ideology", in the aftermath of the July 7 incidents in London.
So Tonay Blair did not say Islam is an Evil Ideology rather he talked about terrorism and bombings and linked it to misinterpretations of Islam. But if we look at another article which is on a research website Global Research by Ghali Hassan The 'Evil Ideology'. It gives an impression that Blair explicitly call Islam an Evil Ideology.
Let's be very clear: Islam is not an "evil Ideology", as Tony Blair asserted. The teachings of Islam are peace and equality; it is outrageous for Mr. Blair to suggest otherwise. It is Mr. Blair who is riding on an imperialist ideology of violence and domination against the wishes of the majority of the British people.
I am not sure if Ghali Hassan is right or if he is complicating things in his passion to declare Islam and its followers as good Samaritans. As far as I know this is what Blair Said.
he said. “It is an extreme and evil ideology whose roots lie in a perverted and poisonous misinterpretation of the religion of Islam.
I think we should keep the facts straight. So which explanationation you would like to go with. I vote Terrorism and Suicide Bombing as the Evil Ideology.

Who created it? Well! This question may have more than one answer and we should be introspective while giving an explanation.


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