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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Which Ideology is this? (Evil Ideology) III


I have found another expression of Evil Ideology in a recent news item published in NY Times. You may call it the self styled justice or self proclaimed justice. This is not consistent with the Islamic thought. In early days of Islam, the new religion thrived just because it believed in justice for everyone irrespective of their religious belief, gender, or political orientation, and above all without any discrimination (in other words an equal opportunity).
Egypt Absolves 5 Pakistanis in Bombings - New York Times: "It is not that a Muslim life is valued more highly than a non-Muslim life - according to religious leaders and experts in political Islam - but that the attack may represent the growing appeal to some of an ideology that allows self-selected individuals to effectively excommunicate anyone they deem impious, and then kill them. "


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