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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Prayers and Thoughts are with you


Very unfortunate and disturbing. My heart is offering prayer for all of you who were in that unfortunate train accident. I offer condolence for bereaved families. This is the worst in train accidents in last few years in Pakistan. May Allah alleviate the sufferings of those who lost their loved ones and shower his mercy and blessings on those who are left behind to mourn.

"104 Killed in Pakistan Train Collision :
KARACHI, Pakistan - Three passenger trains crashed in a chain-reaction pileup in a southern Pakistan station early Wednesday, killing at least 104 people and injuring hundreds of others, officials said."
It is a time to grieve and remember the deceased however I cannot ignore the factors which have contributed to today's rail accident incident in Pakistan. I have already pointed out in my earlier post "Who is the real culprit in railway accidents in Pakistan?” towards inefficiency and mismanagement in Pakistan Railways which is taking heavy toll on existing rail infrastructure. Rather than realizing the need for reforming the white elephant of Pakistan's transportation system; and taking some solid steps towards modernizing and restructuring I expect the same usual apathy which is reflected in finding scapegoats. Apart from drivers negligence the fact remains that pastime Railway's system has been antiquated and need drastic restructuring and modernization.

Pakistani railways are antiquated, and dozens of people have been killed in train accidents in recent years. Ghotki has been a particularly dangerous point in the network and the site of repeated accidents over the years. A train carrying 800 passengers from Karachi to Lahore slammed into a parked freight train at Ghotki on June 8, 1991, killing more than 100 people.
Authorities blamed staff negligence for that accident. In December 1989, a train crash near Sangi, a town 35 miles from Ghotki, killed 400 people.


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