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Thursday, July 07, 2005



Just when you start thinking the rest of the world is getting back to normal and then suddenly the peace is ripped.

Four London Blasts Kill 40, Injure 700 "A clearly shaken Prime Minister Tony Blair called the coordinated attacks 'barbaric' and said they were designed to coincide with the G-8 summit opening in Gleneagles, Scotland. They also came a day after London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics. A group calling itself the Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe claimed responsibility."
Why? in the name of Allah!
Why? in the name of Prophet!
Why? in the name of Islam!

I just wish that no Pakistani is involved in the dirty attacks. Britain has been so helpful to Pakistani immigrants that one cannot even imagine. Just a few days ago UK has become the largest visa issuer to Pakistanis. I hope no Pakistani would have been involved in this barbaric crime.

Accordingly, a substantially increased number of visas were being issued in all categories, which had made the UK visa section in Islamabad their biggest visa issuing post in the world.

I appeal to Pakistanis in Britain to report all suspicious activity without any hesitation and feeling of guilt that they will cause trouble for another Muslim. Those who are involved in terrorism activities are not true Muslims. Just keep our prophet's Mohammad's example in mind who honored his commitments to infidels as well. He reached a peace accord with infidels of Mecca and at that very moment when the accord was being signed "Abu Jandal" came to him. He had escaped from the tyrants and was still shackled in iron chains. Prophet knew that the man is suffering but he returned him back to Meccans because he had signed a peace deal with Meccans. This was the way of our prophet. This was the way of our prophet --- peace This was the way of our prophet --- honoring commitments even to infidels Why in his name --- you commit crime against innocent All Muslims scholars must denounce the bombing of innocent people and call for World Ijtehad Conference to bring Muslims together to endorse laws against suicide bombings, killing of innocent, terrorism, and sectarianism.


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