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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A ray of hope


Lets pray that all Muslim sects endorse this fatawa and issue unanimous fatawa's against killing innocent, slavery (bonded labor), and other pressing issues in muslim world.

"AMMAN: The Muslim world's top scholars agreed on Wednesday that Fatwas should only be issued by clerics with religious authority -a move meant to weaken statements by militants. The three-day meeting in Amman which ended on Wednesday has for the first time gathered representatives of eight Sunni and Shia schools of thought. They all also agreed that followers cannot label other Muslims as 'apostates,' something extremists in Iraq have done to justify attacks against
Iraqi police and civilians.
A conference statement said the clerics agreed that an adherent of each of the eight schools of thought 'is a Muslim'. 'Declaring that person an apostate is impossible, verily his or her blood, honour and property are sacrosanct,' according to the statement read by Jordanian Religious Affairs Minister Abdul-Salam al-Abadi.
The meeting, which brought together some 180 scholars and clergymen from 40 countries including the US, ruled that Fatwas must only be in the hands of qualified clerics recognised by Islam's eight schools of thought."


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